Growth Hacking TII B. Startup School Amsterdam

growth hacking

How do you achieve exponential growth for a company? How are you able to translate data into actions and more importantly measure the impact. These are questions a growth hacker is faced during the intensive 7 month programme.

With the BSSA Growth Hacking course we teach you the skills, tools, and mindset to deliver growth for a company. Leading experts will share with you the latest tools for setting up experiments and automations. But above all this programme will give you a mindset of data driven creativity.

The seven month programme delivers the education in a fun and interactive way. You will start with one month of fulltime education along with an intensive six month traineeship. During the first three month of the internship you will you will have access to the best experts and have deep dives on topics that will help you excel during your internship. The last months of you internship is focused on helping you getting a job.