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Podcasts are the hot new thing in today’s media landscape. With double digit growth rates in audiences across the globe, companies are lining up to tell their stories on the (digital) airwaves. And you should start too. During Let’s Startup 2019, DJ and podcast specialist Koen Van Tyn from B.member 247streaming will teach you how to make a good podcast.

Time // 16.45 – 17.15 (workshop) & 17.15 – 17.45 (live recording podcast)
Room // 1st floor, outside the 247streaming studio

A chat with Koen Van Tyn, Founder and CEO of 247streaming, about his workshop.

What’s 247streaming about?

,,We are team of multimedia journalists, DJ’s and developers with a strong background in the international music scene and are one of the in-house mediapartners of B. Amsterdam. We are building a platform with many different music and infotainment channels. The first four radio stations that stream all day and night across the world are live now and we’re launching more stations in 2019.”

,,Our podcast division produces shows for companies and organizations and provides live broadcasting during events. We did a broadcast from a hackathon and a robotics festival and in 2019 we’re planning to drive our radio truck inside of Hudson’s Bay warehouse in Amsterdam and live broadcast from there.’’

What are your plans for Let’s Startup 2019?

,,With podcasts the devil really is in the details. We will guide you through the many different options out there and show you tricks that will boost the quality of your show. How do you use compression techniques to make it sound great? What can you do with free software like Reaper and Audacity? Which microphones should you use?”

,,We will be live recording the workshop to show what you can do with the audio from an event. And to conclude, we will record the 2nd edition of our B. Broadcast podcast with three guests on stage. It’s really the full picture of podcasting.”

What’s in it for attendees?

,,Companies that start with podcasts often make mistakes that are easy to avoid. They don’t prepare well enough or they don’t allocate enough resources to the editing process. Attendees will learn to understand how a well-produced podcast can function as a highly effective marketing channel for your company. Because people who listen to them usually have a genuine interest in your product.”

,,Another important takeaway will be how podcasting can be the perfect add-on to your social media strategy. If you record a podcast on a weekly basis, you will always have new and unique content to share across social platforms. This is often a real eye opener to companies.”

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