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why i think congresswoman aoc could be america’s future leader.

In 2007, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won an award at the largest pre-college scientific research event in the world. After having done three years of research on ‘how antioxidants could potentially help prevent degenerative illnesses induced by oxidative stress’, MIT rewarded the young student by naming a planetoid after her: the 23238 Ocasio-Cortez. Although only a teenager at the time, […]

business run // steven rose.

fit body & mind = fit business   ” I could talk about the scientific effects that exercise has on the brain, how the hippocampus is triggered through physical exertion which acts to improve memory and learning systems, or how the release of endorphins triggered by exercise does wonders for a positive mindset, reduction of […]

business run // jasper fraikin.

fit body & mind = fit business   “Life in motion knows no boundaries. It’s a constant journey. Marked by failure and success. Courage and Human connection. We may falter along the way, but we will never stand still. Because life in motion is the only way to find our best selves.” Jasper Fraikin // […]

business run // nicolette stassen.

fit body & mind = fit business   “I can immensely bite into a problem at work and the harder I look for a solution, the farther it is. If I go hard during sports and give my all, I can clear my head again and I really give myself the space to come to […]

business run // manon van keeken.

fit body & mind = fit business   “Running brings me piece of mind. After a week of full focus on project with a very high pace, I love to run a long distance to get my thoughts clear again. One long distance race a month keeps me motivated to run 3-4 times a week. […]

startup visa experience michail.

I met one of the founders of B.Amsterdam by chance in a co-working space in South Africa, when he was on vacation there. That’s how I learned about the Startup Visa program. He recommended that I check it out and it happened to be a perfect match. Rehive is a technology platform for companies that […]

startup visa experience anjan.

I came upon the Startup Visa Program by doing my own research in India. With Ivyclique,  we’ve built a content marketing marketplace, offering advanced analytics and automation in content generation by using AI. We focus on SMB’s and the European market is more ready for us than India. It made sense to try it here […]

introducing raffi lion.

As a co-founder of Notulize, Raffi recently joined the coworking space in B. to expand his team and work on his new business. Notulize is an online platform for freelancers who work from anywhere and want their audio quickly transcribed to text. Notulize mostly focuses on journalists for their research and long interviews. How does […]

we are B.

“This summer I had to decide if I wanted to come back working for B. for the fourth time. I just graduated from my Masters Environmental Studies in Tel Aviv. This year was extremely important for my personal development: I discovered a new field that is really close to my heart and I experienced what […]

this is why we should embrace taylor swift.

So let’s talk about Taylor Swift. I’ve been following her career for quite some time now and it amazes me what this young superstar has accomplished at the age of 29. Everything she does has quite some impact on the music business. Taylor Swift is strong, strikingly focused and totally in control of her own […]