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Build a real-life robot assistant with IBM

// Build a real-life robot assistant with IBM You’d like to build an intelligent robot but you don’t know where to start? During Let’s Startup 2019, IoT-specialist Yves Debeer shows you how to easily build an open source robot and make it smart with IBM’s Watson assistant. Your personal  robot will recognize you, talk to […]


IBM: Build-a-Prototype Workshop Join us for a fun, 45-minute activity that will help you solve your toughest work problems. You will find the room filled with colourful lego, Post-its, glue, and other crafty materials. You will solve a problem – in a creative way. No online questionnaires, detailed strategic plans, or deep analysis. We will […]

Leaseplan // lessons from the 55-Year Old Startup

Leaseplan: lessons from the 55-Year Old Startup How did a car leasing pioneer manage to stay relevant and innovative for 55 years in a row? How did they manage the growth of their digital team, from around 40  to 150 in under 4 months? Get a peek behind the curtain of LeasePlan’s growth and strategy. […]

Nalta // How to become the Family Doctor, Achieving business outcomes for IoT

Nalta: How to become the Family Doctor, Achieving business outcomes for IoT Businesses working through their Internet of Things (IoT) strategy often initially focus on the infrastructure and operational challenges of obtaining devices data, analyzing, and detecting situations. The challenge then becomes how to capitalize on the data and the situations being detected. Business outcomes result […]

Leaseplan Digital // Leverage your data

Leverage your data with LeasePlan Digital Would you like to get more out of your data, but you’re not sure how to do that? At Let’s Startup 2019, LeasePlan Digital will give you the basics on how to bring data science and data visualization into your business. Details Time // 18:00 – 19:00 Room // […]

Broodfonds // Het Financiele Vangnet Voor Ondernemers (NL)

Broodfonds: Het financiële vangnet voor ondernemers (NL) Veel ondernemers hebben geen financieel vangnet, echter het Broodfonds is een succes door heel Nederland. In zo’n collectief spreken zelfstandigen af om elkaar te steunen bij ziekte. Het is een sociaal vangnet voor en door ondernemers. De broodfondsen bestaan nu dertien jaar. Met landelijk al 422 groepen waar 20.000 ondernemers aan […]

Brightpensioen // Stop postponing – tackle that pension

Stop postponing – tackle that pension with BrightPensioen For some startups and freelancers, taking care of their pension is not a top priority. It’s usually considered to be complicated and expensive. But: there is another way. That’s what you’ll find out during Let’s Start Up 2019. A chat with Steven van Kempen, Business Developer at […]

VIVAT // How to build a corporate startup

VIVAT: How to build a corporate startup During this talk we will share VIVAT’s innovation ambition and how Lean Startup helped them to grow Vigi with an open mindset.  Among others, this resulted in a deep understanding of what Millennials expect from an insurance company and how a corporate startup makes progress being part of […]

247streaming // Make your own podcast and tell your unique story

Make your own podcast Podcasts are the hot new thing in today’s media landscape. With double digit growth rates in audiences across the globe, companies are lining up to tell their stories on the (digital) airwaves. And you should start too. During Let’s Startup 2019, DJ and podcast specialist Koen Van Tyn from B.member 247streaming […]