advent calendar

As a Christmas treat for every member of our community, we’ve created an advent calendar full of surprises, presents, inspiration and discounts. Open the boxes below and see what we have in store for you.


15th of December

B. digital studios

Unfortunately, this year won’t have the usual crazy Christmas drinks or dinners with your team and business connections. But if we must do it differently, we’ll do differently right. So, let’s get digital.

End the year on a positive note by sending an original, digital Christmas or New Year’s greeting card to your business relations.

Our green screen room makes it possible to create an animated card with the entire team (whilst adhering to social distancing rules) with any background you can imagine.

And because it’s Christmas, here’s a EUR 50,00 discount. Just use the code BDIGITAL50 when booking. Valid until January 4th.

Email for more information.

And did you know we have three, fully-equipped livestream studios with state-of-the-art technology? These studios are perfect for:

// Green screen productions
// Livestreams
// E-learnings
// Talk shows
// Webinars
// Product launches

On top of our standard 20% member discount, we’re offering an extra EUR 100,00 off your next digital studio session.

Just use the code BDIGITAL100 when booking. Valid until April 1st.

Email for more information.

16th of December

Moon Calendar

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift to go under the tree?

Lexmond vs Lexmond’s Moon Calendar is a carefully crafted calendar full of insightful tips about savoring life’s moments, memorable quotes, delicious recipes and knowledge about the herbs of nature. A small something to help you or someone you love get more out of each day.

And specially for our B. members, we've organized a 40% discount. Use the code BMEMBERMOONCAL40 when ordering your Moon Calendar here.

The well-known sisters Lieke and Jetteke van Lexmond grew up in nature with a spiritual, intuitive, shaman-like mother and their own vegetable and herb garden. But in their later urban lives, there was no time for the lunar cycle until they accidentally ended up in a farming village in rural France. There, all the residents lived with the rhythm of the Moon, influencing the ebb and flow of life. The sisters became captivated by the moon again, and they’d like to show you why.

17th of December


Our advent calendar wouldn’t be complete without our catering partner STACH. Together, we decided that B. members deserve an extra foodie treat over the festive period.

So, from now until January 31st, you can enjoy one of their incredibly tasty cookies, for free, with your hot drink of choice.

All you have to do is show up at the coffee bar in B.1, show them this advent box and voila. Mm-hmm.

18th of December

Boom Chicago

Do you miss VrijMiBo? We certainly do. That’s why we’ve partnered with Boom Chicago to organize a hysterical comedy show specially for you.

The VrijMiShow is Boom Chicago’s new fabulously funny show, a throwback to the 90s when any TV problem could be solved in half an hour — including the commercials.

You know the format: a group of (beautiful) friends hung out in the same locations and got into realistically unrealistic situations. Cameras captured the action, and the ‘live studio audience’ knew when to laugh, applause and go “ooooh”.

Boom Chicago celebrates the glory days of the 1990s from which these iconic sitcoms came. Come enjoy the music, fashion and news from a simpler era of Friends, Het zonnetje in Huis and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. And as a finale each night, together with the audience, the actors will create a brand new Sitcom and shoot a short pilot episode.

When: Friday, January 22th 2021 // 18:00 - 19:15

Book your VIBB Seats (Very important B. Butts) for EUR 20,00 per person (excl. EUR 5,00 surcharge to bring you own food & drinks)

Due to Corona restrictions, the bar is temporarily closed. The good news: you’re allowed to bring your own drinks and snacks. Boom Chicago will provide water, glasses, ice and coolers, and will also clean up afterwards. This is as close as you will get to a bar over the next few weeks!

The Roos Mini Market next door has a good selection of (cold) beer, wine and soft drinks. They’re open until 20:00, and you’re allowed to enter Boom Chicago until 20:00 (yes you can drink after the show is finished). They are charging a 'good news surcharge' of €5 per person to help offset the losses of lower capacities during these restrictions. Thank you in advance for your support of the arts.

19th of December

New Year's Padel

We know that for many of you, starting a sport will be your New Year’s resolution. We also know that resolutions can be tough. Luckily, we have six Padel courts to help.

We’re opening our courts on January 25th (09:00 – 17:00) for members for free, and you can reserve a one-hour court for two or four people. And if you’ve never paddled before, no problem. We also have a court with an instructor available.

Since Padel is so popular amongst B. members, court bookings will work on a first come first serve basis, and you can book until January 18th. So if you want to start that resolution early, don’t wait around.

Send your booking preference to

20th of December

Right To Play

PLAY at work can mean increased job satisfaction, improved teamwork and better business results. But how do you play in these tricky times when nearly every get together is online?

You’re warmly invited to a unique online PLAY Works session with the renowned philosopher Lammert Kamphuis from the School of Life. The workshop is brought to you by our B. member Right To Play.

About PLAY Works

During this forty-five minute online session, you’ll be challenged to think about yourself as a playful human being. You’ll learn valuable insights on how play contributes to your enjoyment and results at work, and how important play is in these times of online operations.

Lammert will then share his method of playful interactive talk, and you’ll leave with concrete knowledge on how to integrate play into everyday life and how you can make your (online) work more fun.

About the speaker

Lammert Kamphuis is philosopher and much-booked speaker at conferences and festivals. Lammert is affiliated with the School of Life Amsterdam as Head of Faculty and has researched how philosophy helps us with everyday issues.

His book ‘Filosofie voor een weergaloos leven’ was published in June 2018. A new version of the book was released last month focusing on how philosophy can help us in times of crisis.

About Right To Play

Right To Play is an international organization that works with some of the world’s most vulnerable children — children whose futures have been disrupted by war, exploitation and poverty. Right To Play’s mission is to protect, educate and empower these children to rise above these challenges and find their way back to hope using the power of play. The organization reaches over 2.35 million children each year in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Register before January 6th here.


January 8th, 2021


Digital walk-in 10:30 – 11:00
Welcome by Right To Play & B. Amsterdam 11:00 – 11:05
Start PLAY Works 11:05 – 11:50
End 11:50 – 12:00



21st of December


Tasty and healthy food is good for you — especially in these times. Fortunately, our member Ekomenu makes it easy for you with delicious recipes and fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Choose your lifestyle and the delicious recipes you want, and they’ll deliver all the ingredients plus detailed guides on how to cook them. All recipes have 100% organic ingredients and are prepared by experienced chefs. Each box can be supplemented with groceries and is delivered to your home every week.

And don’t forget; Ekomenu is no more expensive than your normal weekly shopping. In short, for the same money, you can eat 100% organic.

By opening this, you’ve unlocked a 30% discount on their meal box!

Ordering your meal box is simple:

1. Select the meal box that suits your lifestyle. There’s lots of lifestyles catered for including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-lactose-free, nine months, diabetes, weight loss or seasonal — because every person is different.

Every week Ekomenu selects three or four recipes for you based on your preferences, but you can also replace them with one of more than twenty other recipes.

2. Choose the recipes that make your mouth water to compose your personal menu.

3. Add any extra tasty organic produce from the store. Milk, yogurt, bread, cheese or fresh eggs — Ekomenu has it all. You can vary and adjust quantities each week.

4. Confirm your order and they’ll bring your food right to your door. Handy, right?

And as an extra present, they want to share their Vegetarian e-book with you! Here you’ll find tasty vegetarian recipes, and get tips and inspiration for a healthy vegetarian lifestyle.

22nd of December


Futureness is an online video learning platform where inspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders share their best lessons with you. And this Christmas, they’re offering a EUR 100,00 discount on their online coaching program Free Your Mind.

Free Your Mind is an eight-week program consisting of daily video lessons that help you develop your vision and mission. You’ll identify what drives you and use it to develop unique strengths, simultaneously learning how to choose a future you want. 8 weeks, 40 micro-lessons, 15 minutes a day. Starting January 11th.

Normally EUR 249,00. Now only EUR 149,00 with the code BFREE. This code is valid from December 15th to January 10th.

You can also use the EUR 100,00 discount off a one year’s subscription to their Masterclasses.

Made for entrepreneurs, teams or anyone who wants to get more out of themselves, Futureness’ masterclasses cover everything from business growth and creativity to culture and personal growth.

All of their masterclass contributors have two feet in the current zeitgeist and are leaders within their niche, such as Cathelijne Blok from The Titty Mag, Nydia & Marie Lotte from Damn Honey, Leonard Bukenya from Aimforthemoon, This is Gary, Nancy Poleon and Mandy & Rose.

Normally EUR 199,00. Now only EUR 99,00 with the code BYEAR. This code is valid until January 10th.

23rd of December

Holie Foods

As we've entered the season of giving, our member Holie Foods didn’t want to be left behind.

They've stashed some of their vegan, freaking delicious and zero added sugar granola at our reception desks, and you can pick some up for free*.

What's more, their granola is not only good for the people who eat it, but it also has a positive impact on the planet — 50% of their profits are donated to planting trees. A win-win right? Have a wonderful Christmas and a Holie... uh Happy New Year!

* while stocks last — this won't be long.

24th of December


FullCharge shows you how daily routines are the fuel to achieving your ambitions.

Together with the best coaches, experts and advisors in the field of mindset, behavior and change, FullCharge creates scientifically-backed challenges that help you reach your goals in just five to ten minutes a day.

By opening today's box, you’ve unlocked a unique code for their online programs that will help you build effective, sustainable routines. Routines that help you:

// Realize your goals and ambitions
// Fulfil your potential while giving yourself enough time to recharge
// Create peace and space in your head
// Let go of what you have no control over
// Get to know yourself, your choices and your thoughts
// Dedicate time every day to work on your goals and ambitions
// Move through life full of energy, self-confidence and inner peace

Do you want to work on the above points? Then FullCharge is for you.

How does FullCharge work?

At FullCharge, there are four programs: More Confidence & Happiness, A Mindful & Conscious Life, A Powerful Mindset and More Energy & Balance. Whilst their aims are different, they all work in the same way:

Each program is three months long and consists of six different challenges, each lasting fourteen days. For each challenge (with the help of tips and lessons from experts), you work on building and implementing a new routine that moves you towards your ambitions.

There’s also a daily checklist accessed in the FullCharge App, where you’ll find self-reflection questions and feedback from your personal FullCharge coach.

Your coach is a real person who’s there to help throughout your entire program, sharing useful tips and encouraging you when things don’t go to plan. This is how we make your FullCharge adventure successful together.

Via this link, you’ll find all the information you need, and you can sign up for one of the four programs with an extra EUR 30,00 discount. The discount ends December 31st, so don't wait around.

After registering, you will:

1. Receive confirmation
2. Receive a registration email with your login details for the FullCharge App on the Friday before your program starts.
3. Go through the check-in process that’s ready for you in the FullCharge App.
4. Start your adventure the following Monday!

If you have any questions, Estrella can help: