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This time: Design Stories – Studio Fabrick 

Design Stories (1/4) – Meet Studio Fabrick!

After they both graduated as architects Sanne Andrée Wiltens and Justine Van Zoest shared a passion for interior and art and founded Studio Fabrick. The design agency focuses on the architecture of work spaces for corporates, startups and co-work places. Sanne and Justine want the user to feel at home in their designs which results in custom-made, user-centered concepts.

When B. was still a dark and empty building, Sanne and Justine met Ricardo van Loenen who gave them the opportunity to turn the old factory in an amazing place. And they did! After 3,5 years Studio Fabrick build an impressive portfolio with designs for, among others, Blendle, IBM, ING and several museums. Follow Design Stories to keep posted about Studio Fabrick’s work!

Design Stories (2/4) – Sustainable Design

Studio Fabrick turned B. from an old factory into the nice working environment it is today. Recycling and sustainability are key words when it comes to Studio Fabrick’s designs. When B. was still in its infancy, Sanne and Justine started out with used materials and furniture. Take for instance all chairs and couches in the second-floor lounge. Most pieces of furniture come from second-hand store Ari (Overtoom, Amsterdam).

If you’ve ever been to B. you’ve noticed that there’s a lot of wood. For B.’s public spaces Studio Fabrick used underlayment and OSB, which they began calling ‘startup wood’ along the way. Look at the pictures of the entrance, bar, lounge and co-work space. Can you see the similarities?

Design Stories (3/4) – Office Spaces

In earlier posts we showed you how Studio Fabrick transformed B.’s public spaces. Now it’s time to show you something else.. Because Studio Fabrick also designed several offices of companies within B. like PwC, IBM, Backspace, Innovation Booster and PostNL. In their offices, Sanne and Justine again took care of the circular aspects of design.

Take for instance Post NL! Did you know that the ground and first floor used to belong to our neighbours? When designing the PostNL office, Studio Fabrick recycled a lot of material of the mail service company. In the pictures, you can see that the workspace is made from mail pallets, mail sorting tables, mailboxes for storage and pillows made out of mailbags!

Check out all office designs by Studio Fabrick here.

Design Stories (4/4) – B.2’s atrium

The future is always exciting! Also for B. and Studio Fabrick. Right now the construction work on the atrium of B.2 is in full swing. Sanne en Justine from Studio Fabrick designed the awesome interior. According to Sanne and Justine, the goal is to upgrade the B. style in B.2 and downgrade the corporate atmosphere of the building. With a two storey lounge, meeting units out of shipping containers and (obviously) a red Trabant, it’s going to be B.’s next favourite hangout spot.

We can’t wait till the atrium is open to the public, but we’re getting close. On the 1st of November, it opens its doors. To celebrate this exciting event, the next ‘start up your weekend XXL’ will take place in the atrium on the 11th of November. Do we see you there?

In the last four posts, we showed you all design work done by Studio Fabrick for B. You can find Sanne & Justine in the cowork space on the 2nd floor (B.1). Check out all their work here.