interview // one line drawing artist anne mei poppe.

B. Building Business

founder on growth and sacrifices.

The early 2000s are best known as the dot-com bubble. Companies that promised to ‘change the world’ rose quickly, had […]

B. Building Business // 25.07.2019

legal tech studio // founder’s advice from thomas borsboom.

String chandeliers that look like giant hats hoover above yellow-grey furnished office space. A picture of Elmo is taped to […]

B. Building Business // 23.07.2019

introducing janneke van den heuvel.

Whoever visited the toilets on the ground floor of B.1 probably saw the colorful voting buttons. Whether it smells, the […]

B. Building Business // 16.07.2019

introducing martijn de vreeze.

Some people live their life with both feet on the accelerator, other, more calmer types rather press the brake pedal […]

B. Building Business // 02.07.2019

meet angel investor elisabeth stevens.

interview //

B. Building Business // 25.06.2019

startup visa experience mayra.

This is how my story started with the startup visa program at B. Although I studied chemical engineering and worked […]

// 19.06.2019

what every leader can learn from kris jenner.

Looking at Kris Jenner I can only reach one conclusion: she is a brilliant branding and businesswoman.

Ricardo van Loenen // 18.06.2019

the workplace of the future.

Anna Dekker is sociologist and co-founder of Studio LONK – a design studio specialized in spatial storytelling. B. Amsterdam hosts […]

B. amsterdam // 18.06.2019

startup visa experience shokoofeh.

I was looking for a perfect platform to launch my startup project when a friend of mine set up a […]

// 12.06.2019

podcast // the lawyer of the future.

The legal tech exchange is a monthly podcast about the impact of technology on the legal sector. Hosted by B. […]

// 03.06.2019

how chinese businesswomen are taking over the world.

There’s a decent chance you’ve never heard of Liu Qing. However, she’s quite a prominent figure in the Asian business […]

Ricardo van Loenen // 22.05.2019

interview // legal tech industry will not slow down in 2019.

This online blog is dedicated to sharing knowledge, developments and insights within legal tech. This blog is an initiative of […]

. // 20.05.2019

performance management

introducing agim veselaj.

Every since B. opened her second B. Amsterdam building, our ecosystem has been a hotspot for HR Tech. Agim Veselaj, […]

// 20.05.2019

the jedi-power of making business decisions.

Daniel Castejon, Data Lead at Ubiqum, on how adding data analysis to your skill set will help you to make […]

// 07.05.2019

the next web: 10 must-see speakers.

A list of 10 must-visit speakers at TNW 2019 curated by B.‘s CEO and creative leader Ricardo van Loenen.  To […]

// 06.05.2019

introducing robbert becker.

Robbert Becker is the executive producer of Dutch Angle Production Services, offering film and production support to international companies shooting […]

// 04.05.2019

The Vegetarian Butcher

interview // the vegetarian butcher.

Founder Jaap Korteweg about food sustainability, vision and growth. Twelve years ago, a farmer from the Netherlands found himself at […]

B. Building Business // 30.04.2019

scale-up within the B. community: boxie24.

This week we are presenting the story of a proud and long-standing B. community member, Boxie24 Storage. A company who […]

// 29.04.2019

we are B.

I always believed that as a kid, you truly know what you want to do in life. As a kid […]

B. Building Business // 29.04.2019

lightyear // the car that charges itself on sunlight.

Whether the founders of the company Lightyear were fans of Toy Story is unknown, but they couldn’t come up with […]

B. Building Business // 24.04.2019

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