kryha and blockchain agree; stop just thinking about yourself.

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Slush Helsinki 2019Slush Helsinki

slush helsinki 2019 // what to see at the world’s leading tech startup event.

Slush Helsinki is considered by many to be the world’s leading tech startup event. It’s a non-profit movement made by […]

B. Building Business // 07.11.2019

sustainable startups are necessary. hrbs. is one of them.

Locally produced food is not only better for the environment, but it’s also better for you. It feels good to […]

B. Building Business // 01.11.2019

web summit 2019Stephen McCarthy / SPORTSFILE / Web Summit

web summit 2019 // the best talks at the world’s biggest tech event.

Web Summit is the Everest of tech conferences. Its importance can’t be overstated and with more than 1200 speakers talking over […]

B. Building Business // 30.10.2019

bart van nol scale up

introducing bart van nol.

How do you scale up? It should be an exciting process, and it can be, but it also entails a […]

B. Building Business // 20.10.2019

the pdf is in the past. foleon is for today.

Phil Ydens is the Vice President of Engineering at Adobe Systems. Back in 2015, he estimated that there could be […]

B. Building Business // 24.09.2019

how corporations and startups can thrive together.

FrieslandCampina is the world’s largest dairy cooperative, but being a multinational of such an incredible size in the context of […]

B. Building Business // 09.09.2019

amsterdam capital week: 10 must-attend events.

Even the best ideas can’t be realized without capital. Admittedly, acquiring investment can be more than a little daunting but […]

B. Building Business // 02.09.2019

next level online legal documentation.

The legal tech industry is shaped by startups offering smart technologies to quickly draft your own legal documents. One such […]

B. Building Business // 02.09.2019

one line drawing artist anne mei poppe.

The first memories of Amsterdam-based artist Anne Mei Poppe are filled with pencils and paper, drawings and paintings. Today, she […]

B. Building Business // 30.07.2019

founder on growth and sacrifices.

The early 2000s are best known as the dot-com bubble. Companies that promised to ‘change the world’ rose quickly, had […]

B. Building Business // 25.07.2019

founder’s advice from thomas borsboom.

String chandeliers that look like giant hats hoover above yellow-grey furnished office space. A picture of Elmo is taped to […]

B. Building Business // 23.07.2019

introducing janneke van den heuvel.

Whoever visited the toilets on the ground floor of B.1 probably saw the colorful voting buttons. Whether it smells, the […]

B. Building Business // 16.07.2019

introducing martijn de vreeze.

Some people live their life with both feet on the accelerator, other, more calmer types rather press the brake pedal […]

B. Building Business // 02.07.2019

meet angel investor elisabeth stevens.

interview //

B. Building Business // 25.06.2019

startup visa experience mayra.

This is how my story started with the startup visa program at B. Although I studied chemical engineering and worked […]

// 19.06.2019

what every leader can learn from kris jenner.

Looking at Kris Jenner I can only reach one conclusion: she is a brilliant branding and businesswoman.

Ricardo van Loenen // 18.06.2019

the workplace of the future.

Anna Dekker is sociologist and co-founder of Studio LONK – a design studio specialized in spatial storytelling. B. Amsterdam hosts […]

B. amsterdam // 18.06.2019

startup visa experience shokoofeh.

I was looking for a perfect platform to launch my startup project when a friend of mine set up a […]

// 12.06.2019

podcast // the lawyer of the future.

The legal tech exchange is a monthly podcast about the impact of technology on the legal sector. Hosted by B. […]

// 03.06.2019

how chinese businesswomen are taking over the world.

There’s a decent chance you’ve never heard of Liu Qing. However, she’s quite a prominent figure in the Asian business […]

Ricardo van Loenen // 22.05.2019

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