introducing bernadette kooijman

With the motto “more vegetables for everyone,” No Fairytales is the maker of (delicious) beetroot, bell pepper chilli and carrot tortillas, among others.

A big learning moment in 2018?
“In 2018, I learned that it’s always good to do your homework first when you want to expand to different countries. This year we stepped into Sweden, and apparently Sweden is a very difficult market because all the grocery chain franchise managers have their own say which products come onto the shelves and which don’t... so we have a challenge there. If I can give a tip to anybody else: before you step into a new country, do your homework!”

Why Sweden?
"That’s one step of the homework we did well; the amount of tortillas eaten in Scandinavia is about 10-15 times more than in the Netherlands."

Any goals for 2019?
“This year, we’re going to expand our product portfolio. We’re going to launch in all Albert Heijn stores three completely new products — two which are completely new to the retail chain just like the tortillas before, and one which was very popular in the Netherlands in the past, but also in Morocco… it'll be revamped into a new veggie product brought to the market again... our Dutch market is our home market, so that’s the test market.”