introducing martijn de vreeze.

Some people live their life with both feet on the accelerator, other, more calmer types rather press the brake pedal from time to time. And there are those who like to handle throttle and brakes simultaneously, spinning their way through life. Martijn de Vreeze is such a person, starting his copywriter career as a nudist. Or at least, he presented himself as one: naked without any previous experience apart from some texts he used to rap as unknown MC and long travel writings when he traversed Central America, Venezuela, and Colombia during the Escobar era.

From the first days of B.’s existence, Martijn has been part of our community as an independent freelance copywriter with his one-man-army Copy Commando.

Could you tell us what kind of copywriter you are?

I used to sell candy, now I sell a future. The past few years, I specialized myself in employer branding. Most employers have difficulty finding the right people. It's my job to present them in their best possible way to potential employees. It starts with the big idea - the concept and develop it, in co-creation with the client, into a campaign and story of glory. Including content formats, social ads, a landing page, scripts, and high school activities. Whatever is needed to attract the target group. Whatever we come up with, everything radiates the same energy and vibe. Up until the texts of vacancy ads.

Could you give us a sample of your clients?

Some of the clients I work for are big players in their respective industries. And yes, I won quite a few awards. As a freelancer, I team up with other creatives and studios. Recently I did a job for Tele2. Their issue: we get too many phone calls from clients. 'How do I install my internet connection?' 'How does the billing work?' 'How can I improve my WiFi?' Their FAQ's website rather added to the confusion instead of solving it. So I came up with the 'Snap-Het-Rap-Lab', or 'Get-It-Quick-Lab'. A set of laboratory rooms where an attractive assistant helps the customer, with short animated videos, to get the best possible Tele2 experience. No employer branding, but fun to do.

What are your future ambitions as a freelance copywriter?

I believe that changes enrich your life and even make it longer. If you always do the same thing for years on end, the routine will guide you till your grave. When I walk out of the door in the morning, my deepest hope is to get into an adventure whose outcome is still uncertain. That's why I love advertising. It gives me the chance to discover unknown worlds of companies like Dura Vermeer, Stedin and Bilfinger Tebodin. I'm even involved in horse dressage as co-founder of the WeAllRide start-up.

What advice would you give your younger self?

My biggest dream has always been to work with my creativity. But in my twenties, I didn't dare. My safety route: a 7-year train-ride as a waiter. Like me at that time, there are too many talented youngsters that think others are better. Have wicked school careers or no creative education. Whatever the reason is, kick in that door and set your talent on stage. If you can live with the pay-offs of your creativity, you feel rich in life. But it all starts with a straight story, in your own words, based on your own inner character. One of my goals now: stimulate young talents with no education to develop their talent and make money with their creativity.

Besides this, I would advise everybody to step out of their personal and professional daily bubble once in a while. Just a few people at B know I'm a copywriter. Most members know me as DJ Berry Cuda. But the ones who know Copy Commando, will fully agree that music and DJ-ing give me energy and inspiration and keeps my creative motor running.