introducing eric de lange

As co-founder of EDM Academy, Eric’s team gives custom training courses to help companies and individuals work better, smarter and more efficiently. Since joining B. in January, they’ve launched a training institute here at B. and are excited to collaborate with other members:

“We’re really trying to be part of the community and the energetic way of working in the building. We started this institute [here] because we think people, old and young, should take ownership of their own lives and career. We offer them the tools and courses to be ready for the next chance in life, because life is always dancing; there’s continuous change in your working environment. We offer easy-to-enter courses to improve your working process, work smarter and get better results based on your own personal targets and interests. We do this with courses, coaching and in-company consultancy. We try to be the extra engine to boost your career.

What makes them unique?
Helping trainees actually implement what they’ve learned in training when they’re back in the office. “We offer not only a course, but on-the-job coaching as well, so it doesn’t stop after you finish your course — building the bridge between gaining the knowledge and using it at your job. We create a new environment in which you can actually use the knowledge and make better results, which is why you started the course.”

Advice for growing your biz?
“Keep focus and find the right partners. Use the energy and knowledge within B. to give you a kickstart. There’s a lot of knowledge and companies with different services, and I think the pitfall being so focused on your own product and doing everything yourselves. Rather, focus on your specialty and collaborate with other companies and partners for the rest. That can give you a boost to make your company great — not necessarily large, but great. Great is more than only growth. Find the right partners — you can find a lot within B. Amsterdam. Be open, share and get new knowledge.”

They’ve got a special deal for B. members: “We’d really like to be a part of the community and boost the startup basecamp… We’d like members to participate and gain the knowledge we have to offer, so we’re offering a 10% discount on their first course with the promo code “B. Amsterdam.” Get in touch with Eric at