introducing raffi lion.

As a co-founder of Notulize, Raffi recently joined the coworking space in B. to expand his team and work on his new business. Notulize is an online platform for freelancers who work from anywhere and want their audio quickly transcribed to text. Notulize mostly focuses on journalists for their research and long interviews. How does this work? First, you upload your audio onto the platform, this is processed by software and then a writer affiliated with Notulize will transcribe your text. By doing so they develop a framework/tool by working with machine learning.

What is your business goal for this year?
We want to be the best in offering software as a service from audio to text in the Dutch market. Today we are gathering feedback about the tool our writers are using and by doing so we want to bring an optimized tool to market. With this tool we focus our attention on a target audience that wants premium service with honest pricing.

Do you think entrepreneurship is something that's in you or just isn’t?
I think you can develop it. If you like it, you can make it work. I do think that the ability for taking risks should be in you. My family always says that my co-founder and I are like yin and yang. I want to take too many risks and have a hundred new ideas a day and he keeps me with both feet on the ground. So together we get a perfect balance.

How do you ensure you keep growing professionally?
I think it is very important to make time for informative stuff. Like watching documentaries, YouTube videos, listening to interviews and reading books. I follow almost everything around the automation topic. Jobs that will be automated and what the consequences are going to be is a very interesting topic for this era and also for our business.

What advice would you give starting entrepreneurs?
Just do it. Go to potential clients and pitch your idea. We had just begun and got the Hogeschool van Amsterdam as a client. From this experience we learned a lot. A lot of things went wrong, however, by doing this we kept improving our product. I would say get one client on board and learn from this, see this as a testing phase. When working with this client I would advise to keep looking inward, what do you want to accomplish yourself with your product? Don’t get distracted by market demand. Make a product you support for 100%.