scale-up within the B. community: boxie24.

This week we are presenting the story of a proud and long-standing B. community member, Boxie24 Storage. A company who is using an innovative concept to make storage space easier, cheaper and therefore available for everybody.

Especially because you were founded in Berlin, we are interested: Why did you choose B. Amsterdam?

After expanding in Germany, Amsterdam was the next logical step. Here we needed a place to start up, so we started at the coworking space in B1. We benefit a lot from the open-minded and supportive atmosphere of the B. Community and we met a lot of helpful people. An example of how the community helped us is that we found our CTO working at B on his own company, we made him an offer to come and join us and he did. He helped Boxie24 in scaling further. After a couple of months in B1 and new hires in the Amsterdam office, we decided to move to a bigger office in B3, to further develop our idea for the storage of the future. The B. organization was flexible and arranged a new office with room to grow.

As you are already a member of the B. community since August 2016, what do you appreciate most?

Enter the B. community and you feel the vibe of the Amsterdam largest Start-up eco-system. Being part of this community has helped us learn and grow faster, not least because of the inspiring people here. For example: One of the people who sat next to us during our time in the coworking space in the B1 building, is now working for us and is responsible for everything related to design and branding. Nevertheless, Amsterdam is also a good hub for our colleagues from the New York and Berlin office.

Is there any advice you got from one of the other B. members you´d like to pass on?

Yes, the most important advice for growing your business is that you should never stop building relationships. Not just within your industry yet also with other entrepreneurs. Finally, the B. community is perfectly suited for connecting with each other.