we are B.

"This summer I had to decide if I wanted to come back working for B. for the fourth time. I just graduated from my Masters Environmental Studies in Tel Aviv. This year was extremely important for my personal development: I discovered a new field that is really close to my heart and I experienced what it is like to live abroad on my own in a new city.

When I started working at B., there was just one floor and a coffee bar. My job? Serving coffee to the first entrepreneurs and creatives who believed in the dream that B. started building (but wasn't really visible yet). I really loved the energy within the building, and although I started working as an event programmer for another company, I was happy to come back almost a year later after talking to the B. founders again. This time, I started at the frontdesk, the place where you get to know every member in the building, while taking on other projects that were happening at B.

"I realized that B. played such an important role in discovering my strengths and weaknesses"

Since I was still studying, this was the perfect opportunity to connect with the ecosystem and learn about the startups, including watching the growth of B. itself. After a few months, I got the opportunity to start working for B.'s Startup School, the place where I currently work as well. After graduating, traveling the world and doing my masters, I had a choice to make: will I go back to B., the place that has grown significantly in the meantime, or explore something new? Maybe something within the field that I´ve been studying for and fell in love with?

I thought about my time at B., and the other options I had, and realized that B. played such an important role in discovering my strengths and weaknesses, and more importantly, what role within an organization I want to be in. Being in charge of the operations and being in close contact with the students made me realize that I want to be involved in the people-side of things. And although I do know for sure I want to work within the sustainable and environmental space, I am very happy I got the chance to learn from a fast growing company that gives me the space to discover what I want for myself. And maybe I even find a project that can fit both worlds."

Camille Janssen, Talent Operations at B. Startup School Amsterdam.