podcast // the lawyer of the future.

The legal tech exchange is a monthly podcast about the impact of technology on the legal sector. Hosted by B. Building Business and with the help of ARAG the Netherlands, we throw light on the impending disruptions in the traditional world of law firms, legal associates and even governmental subsidies. This podcast is part of B.'s Legal Tech Studio, a hub devoted to foster an international and pioneering ecosystem for legal tech innovation.

This month’s topic is the lawyer of the future. Which skills could be automized and what new skills do prospective lawyers need? Would a new edition of Suits look the same or show the involvement of exciting new technologies? Guests in this episode are Max Heck, co-founder of the startup Appjection that seeks to give everyone access to justice, and Ivar Timmer, legal management researcher at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) and co-founder of the Dutch Legal Tech Alliance.

The Old Law and the New

During their years at university, Max and Ivar enjoyed a still very traditional legal education. Gripping is their portrayal of how the conservative lens of legal professionals is actually a blinkered view. It is blind to potential of innovative technologies. Max and Ivar are among the first legal professionals in the Netherlands to successfully broaden their view to a tech-driven future of law. Future lawyers no longer serve merely those who traditionally have access to justice. Instead, they broaden the scope to everyone with access to basic technologies such as a smartphone.

Modernizing Revenues

This sheds light on new revenue model for legal business. Technology makes legal services more affordable, accessible and innovative while also creating a more relaxed working environment. This last finding is of particular interest to corporate lawyers working seventy hours per week. Yet it also means a different business model which no longer bills per hour but charges a fee on outcome. Only this way, new technologies ensure a sustainable level of profit for the legal industry. These and more exciting insights are in wait in this first episode of our legal tech exchange.

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