// 11.02.2020

why amsterdam is perfect for your startup.

We’re biased, but we really do believe that Amsterdam is the best place to be a startup. We started B. Amsterdam here because it offers so much to the innovators and creators who come to work and live. It’s the perfect combination of infrastructure, location, standard of living, talent, culture and more, and that’s why it's constantly rated among the best startup hubs in the world. Here are six reasons why Amsterdam is perfect for your startup.

1. Standard of living

Happy lives make happy startups, and the 2019 World Happiness report from the United Nations ranked the Netherlands as the fifth happiest country in the world. Amsterdam is a city that epitomizes that happiness. It’s a city build on balance, a place where people know the importance of spending time with their families and friends as well as spending time at work. Whilst the average net salary is one of the highest in comparison to other leading startup cities, only 0.4% of employees in the Netherlands work very long hours according to the OCED).

And it’s hard to not be enticed by Amsterdam’s pace of life. Swapping a car filled, traffic-jammed commute for a pleasant cycle by the canals is an easy choice, not only for stress, health and happiness but also for the time it gives you back. Having to turn down meeting a friend after work because it’s too far or takes too much time is not a thing here.

2. Infrastructure

Amsterdam is built for startups and scaleups. When you come here, you’re joining an ecosystem of innovators who are supported by renowned accelerators such as Startupbootcamp and Rockstart, the Netherland’s Startup Visa, countless co-working spaces and organizations such as StartupDelta whose mission is to fuel the tech industry of the Netherlands.

In 2020, the Netherlands topped the Global Expansion Tech Index which citied infrastructure as one of its best qualities, and in 2019, KPMG ranked Amsterdam as 16th city in the world most likely to be a top tech innovation hub in the next four years. And to top it all off, Amsterdam has some of the highest broadband speeds in the world — it was even the birthplace of Wi-Fi. Need we say more?

3. Location

Amsterdam is situated in the middle of everything; Schipol is an international hub of travel, not only within Europe but worldwide, and its effortless transport links into the city make it a prime gateway for business activities. It has excellent, high-speed rail links to the rest of the continent, and Europe’s largest port in Rotterdam is only a stone’s throw away. 93% of those surveyed for the PwC European Start-up Survey in 2018 said that Amsterdam was a good location for startups, and the city took joint third place for ‘ease of doing business’.

4. Diversity

We’re proud to be in a place which diversity, tolerance and openness are embedded in our culture. Being one of the world’s most LGBTQ+ friendly cities, and with over 180 nationalities living here, Amsterdam is a melting pot of cultures, perspectives and ideas, all of which we think are crucial to a healthy environment for startups. Having diversity woven into the fabric of the city also makes it an attractive, welcoming place for talent, and with over 90% of Dutch residents speaking English, the doors are always open for people to come and build progressive startups.

5. Talent

It’s well known that today talent is flocking to Amsterdam, partly driven by an alluring mix of local unicorns (Adyen, TomTom and Booking.com), fast-growing startups, high average salaries and an increasing number of European headquarters for major players (Tesla, Uber and Netflix). Amsterdam also has some of Europe’s most important conferences drawing global talent to the city; TNW Conference, Amsterdam Capital Week and World Summit AI. So, having your startup in Amsterdam situates you in the middle of one of the most attractive pools in the world, and with more and more people realizing it every day, it’s only going to get better.

6. Connection

We believe that Amsterdam’s entrepreneurial spirit is unique. With so much support, innovation and talent, and so many startups, scaleups and networks all contributing to one thriving ecosystem, there is an undeniable collective character to living and working in Amsterdam. There’s a closeness both mentally and physically (opportunities are always just a bike ride away) that creates the ideal place for ideas and connections to be created, and it’s an atmosphere we wouldn’t trade for anything.

So if you're reading this and already have a startup in Amsterdam, this can be a reminder of how special it is here. If you're reading this and you're thinking about where to start your business, come and do it in Amsterdam.


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