5 reasons you need to be at moonshot fest.

On March 5, we’re hosting the first edition of Moonshot Fest. Made in collaboration with Europe’s biggest tech and startup platform, Silicon Canals, and co-designed with our B. members, Moonshot Fest is a celebration of entrepreneurship at B. and will bring together our extensive international network.  

We know March 5 is a Thursday, and we can hear your brain whirring as to how you’re going to convince your boss that it’s not only beneficial to attend Moonshot Fest, but necessary. We believe it is, so here are five reasons to persuade them with.

1. Inspiring minds

We’re trying to keep humble, but we really are bringing some of the most impressive minds in the startup industry to Moonshot Fest. From Paul Eggink of Temper (winner of EY Entrepreneur of The Year Awards 2019) to Matthijs Metzemaekers of Harver ($35M of funding to date), Remco Janssen (Founder) of Silicon Canals and Jean Bonnenfant (Growth Hacker and Lead Speaker) of Growth Tribe, it’s going to be a day packed with big ideas from big thinkers. Can you afford not to come and listen?

2. Connect with the community

B. amsterdam is an ecosystem of thriving entrepreneurial minds, and Moonshot Fest is the perfect time to branch out and connect with others in the community. Since all members are invited to join for free, it’d be a missed opportunity if you didn’t come and meet some other members. Perhaps you’ll bump into that innovation booster you’ve been looking for or even that seasoned expert who can help your startup scale-up. Surely your boss can’t allow you to miss that many opportunities.

3. It’s good for business

Connecting with others in the B. community is one thing but building lasting relationships with your own network is something else. We realize that offering value to those who you do business with is an important part of doing so, and that’s why you can bring two people from your network for 75% off standard ticket prices. So not only is it valuable for yourself to come and be inspired, but it’s also valuable to the long-term health of your business.

4. Work and play

After an afternoon of listening, thinking, talking, networking, learning and growing, it’s time to relax. We take work and play very seriously, and that’s why we’ve brought in Budweiser to host the official Moonshot Fest afterparty at our rooftop restaurant, café restaurant Bureau. Free drinks to start, a three-course walking dinner, a dance floor, music you won’t find anywhere else on a Thursday and a lot of wonderful people all in one place. If your boss frowns at this reason, remind them that some of the best ideas in business are thought of when you’re not taking notes.

5. It’s for the team

If the above reasons aren’t enough to get you to Moonshot Fest, this final attempt might just crack your boss. Explain that listening to inspiring minds, connecting with the community, building your own network and having a spectacular afterparty is undoubtedly good for yourself, but also explain that it would be even better if the whole team came, including you, the boss. Two minds are better than one, and ten minds are better than two. Make sure you stress that it’s vital for the team and it’s vital for the business. They can’t argue with that.


Get your tickets here, and shoot for the moon with us.