startup visa experience michail.

I met one of the founders of B.Amsterdam by chance in a co-working space in South Africa, when he was on vacation there. That’s how I learned about the Startup Visa program. He recommended that I check it out and it happened to be a perfect match.

Rehive is a technology platform for companies that want to launch new fintech products. We were founded in 2015 and went through the Boost VC blockchain accelerator in Silicon Valley, where we also met our investors. Our team was split between South Africa and San Francisco which made working across timezones difficult. Amsterdam is right in the middle and, more importantly, it is one of the fintech capitals of Europe. It is my mission to acquire new clients in Europe and form connections here.

" a startup visa through B. is pragmatic and efficient, in true Dutch fashion."

I’ve been positively surprised by the way the program works. Being a startup means there are a lot of things that you have not yet figured out. The Startup Visa program takes this into account by minimising red tape and paperwork. With the help of B.Amsterdam, the process of getting set up was pragmatic and efficient, in true Dutch fashion. There’s a great deal of excitement in Amsterdam around Bitcoin, crypto and fintech which aligns with our mission of accelerating the transition to an open financial system

After a year on the startup visa, I was able to easily transition onto a self-employment visa. I’m very excited for what lies ahead.


Michail Brynard (27) from Cape Town, South Africa, COO @Rehive

Received his Startup Visa in 2018, lives in Amsterdam, works @B.Amsterdam