startup visa experience anjan.

I came upon the Startup Visa Program by doing my own research in India. With Ivyclique,  we’ve built a content marketing marketplace, offering advanced analytics and automation in content generation by using AI. We focus on SMB’s and the European market is more ready for us than India. It made sense to try it here and I made contact with B.Amsterdam in early 2018. They believed in our vision and innovation and agreed to be the facilitator for the visa. It’s been working out great. Of course, it takes time setting things up. Paperwork and bureaucracy are part of it. But I lived as an expat in the United States where I worked in investment banking, so I knew what to expect. The facilitator actually helps a great deal with these procedures.

“I really do believe that being realistic is the most commonly travelled road to mediocrity”

We are now an international company. Our tech team is in Bangalore and the CPO is in London. Me being in Amsterdam really increased our focus on Artificial Intelligence for our platform, because that field is so big and active here. I meet great minds and companies and I am very thankful for that exposure. We are all set up now and I am getting to know the city. As a creative person, I find Amsterdam very liberating and I love to roam around. The art is just blowing me away. That’s how I spend my weekends.”

Ajan Purandare (37) from Mumbai, India, Founder-CEO Ivyclique

Received his Startup Visa in 2018, lives in Amsterdam, works @B.Amsterdam