the next web: 10 must-see speakers.

A list of 10 must-visit speakers at TNW 2019 curated by B.'s CEO and creative leader Ricardo van Loenen

To all the savvy tech enthusiasts amongst us, on Thursday May 9th and Friday May 10th, the biggest tech conference of Europe comes to Amsterdam. The Next Web conference always manages to be an unforgettable adventure and TNW2019 won’t be an exception. “We’re at crossroads”, so the organizers tell us, “and it’s time to choose a direction.” To help you a bit along the way, our CEO Ricardo van Loenen composed a list of 10 must-visit speakers during the conference. It’s a list of creators and entrepreneurs who will certainly give you the drive to navigate your own projects safely into the future.

We are thrilled to see how Wytze, Boris, Patrick and their team got together such a diverse line-up of speakers. There is an almost equal division between men and women on the stage. This conference is a big step forward from the old tech conferences and festivals. We as B. are looking forward to witnessing!

1. Alice Zagury, CEO of The Family 

Known as the queen bee of the Parisian startup scene, Alice Zagury loves to work with people who push her forward to new, positive and beautiful things. Her last endeavor, The Family, is a community of ambitious entrepreneurs that already shakes up the French startup ecosystem. Her advice for female entrepreneurs worldwide? “Get it done, bitch <3”.

2. Ravi Vora, CEO Catawiki

To turn his auction firm Catawiki into a billion dollar enterprise, Ravi Vora swapped his life of luxury in India for a sober existence in the Netherlands. His aim in life was bigger than financial independence: to change existing structures and disrupt traditions. Support this new local hero in the low countries and learn more about his future plans!

3. Victor Knaap, Main Monk & CEO, MediaMonks

MediaMonks is the flagship of digital creativity in the Netherlands. Victor Knaap is the co-founder of this creative production company that just closed a 300 million euros deal with the famous advertising agent sir Martin Sorrell. Listen to him and you know what ambition is!

4. Marscha Krouwel, Publishing Group Director, Hearst Netherlands

Whoever had the chance of visiting the HearstLab in New York knows Marscha Krouwel is a woman to be reckoned with. She worked herself up from marketer to director and thus bridges the gap between the operational and strategic side of Startups. Her speeches take you from the very personal to the more professional aspects of entrepreneurship. Get inspired and visit her talk!

5. Patrick Studener, Vice President and Head of EMEA, Bird

The L.A.-based electric scooter company Bird experienced an unprecedented scale-up ever since it started up its business in September 2017. They learned the trick at Uber and now seem to master it better than their teachers. Visit this talk and brace yourself for the rollercoaster ride.

6. Lucy von Sturmer, Founder, the Humblebrag

Although Lucy herself brags only humbly, we’ll do it a bit louder for her. The Humblebrag is a platform and communications consultancy with the mission to amplify to voices of change-makers and creatives across sectors. Boldness, bravery and brilliance are just a few qualities of this inspiring leader. Visit her talk and learn more about how to drive positive impact across social, cultural and environmental issues.

7. Janneke Niessen, Tech Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

As a serial entrepreneur, technologist, innovator, author and creative thinker, Janneke could be regarded as a true homo universalis. More important is her legacy as a force for good for the Dutch tech scene. Ricardo's daughter loved her children’s book about a girl that built her own app which sparked her interest in technology. She’ll be one of the most inspiring people on stage, so make sure to put her on your schedule.

8. Robert Vis, Founder & CEO, MessageBird

Since founding MessageBird back in 2011, Robert has been at the frontlines of disrupting the trillion dollar telecom industry. You could consider him as the Ajax of the Dutch tech scene. He combines killer ambition with a sparkling company whose successes put the Netherlands on the global map. Learn how business is done from this young inspiring leader.

9. Gillian Tans, CEO, Booking

For those who don’t know, Gillian is the driving force behind, expanding it from the small-scale company back in the 2000s to the 15,000 employees in 174 offices worldwide today. Visit her talk if you want to find out how you can do good better.

10. Corinne Vigreux, co-founder TomTom

Corinne Vigreux is mostly known as co-founder of TomTom and one of Europe’s most successful tech-ladies. Yet did you know she recently launched her own programme for children with a disadvantaged background, giving them free access to coding education? Visit her lecture at TNW2019 and may the force for good be with you.