self isolation

how to grow yourself and your business in self-isolation.

As offices, institutions and public places shutdown because of coronavirus, self-isolation is becoming commonplace. Our homes have become our sites of work, play and everything in between. As a consequence, we’re having to change our daily routines, habits, movements and behaviors, and many are struggling to adjust.

But what this unfamiliar territory has given us is time away from others, and that in itself is something to revel in. In fact, there have been few chances like this to work on yourself and your business. Gone are countless distractions, and whilst social distancing and self-isolation can mean endless days of Netflix and week-long Monopoly tournaments, it can also mean a rare opportunity to learn new skills, develop team synergy and foster personal growth. Encouraging us to view self-isolation as the latter, many businesses have started offering free initiatives, courses and trials, so that we have the tools to find value in the time spent confined to our homes. Here are some of them.

 1. LinkedIn

Remote working is the new norm, so LinkedIn have decided to offer an entire professional development course (16 items of content, 13h 24 minutes) for free. From best practices to use when working remotely to building resilience and leading virtual meetings, LinkedIn has put together a timely program to help you optimize your work hours at home. Start learning here.

2. Peleton

With gyms shutting, people are finding ways to workout at home. Peleton, the live and on-demand workout platform, has extended their free trial period from thirty days to ninety days because of coronavirus, and just because they’re called Peleton doesn’t mean you need a fitness bike to join. Yoga, running and strength training are among the other sports they offer classes for. Keep fit, healthy and happy here.

3. Google

Google is doing a lot in response to coronavirus, one of them being keeping businesses and schools connected. So, they’re giving all G Suite and G Suite Education customers free access to advanced capabilities usually reserved for more exclusive editions, including larger virtual meeting capacities, live streaming for up to 100,000 people and the ability to record meetings. If you’re currently using their services but need some extra features to accommodate new working habits, start here.

4. Meerodrop

Meerodrop, founded by the image startup Meero who raised $230 million last year in funding, is used to dealing with big file transfers. So in light of coronavirus and increased home working, they’re now offering 10GB file transfers for free which also have 3 months validity. If you’re in need of sending something big and important whilst in self-isolation, whether for personal or business reasons, get transferring here.

5. Atlassian

Collaboration and productivity gurus Atlassian are seasoned in providing the best tools for effective team working. And as their response to coronavirus, they recently announced that they’re making their cloud-based products available free for small teams (up to ten people). This offer is also not time-bound, so if you’re looking to boost your team’s performance and continue growing your business whilst working remotely, start here and don’t worry about where your team are.

6. Milk Street Cooking School

Restaurants have been among the first places to close, so after a day of working in self-isolation, most are turning to takeaways or home cooking. But since home cooking can include learning new skills, we’re advocates of that option. And to help, Milk Street Cooking School is making their entire library of online cooking classes free until April 30. Get cooking and learn something new here.

7. Class Central

Class Central is a search engine for (primarily) free courses, and the results from using their service is truly staggering. Everything from startup funding for entrepreneurs, social innovation and machine learning to human capital strategy, design thinking and email marketing, it’s all there on Class Central. Or if you want to learn something completely outside of your usual business field, there are courses on journalism, religion and sports too. Use self-isolation to grow here.

8. Hootsuite

Now, more than ever, staying connected to customers and audiences is critical to the health of your business, and social media is playing a central part in this. In a recent blog post, Hootsuite stated that to help with the coronavirus pandemic, they’re giving existing customers free access to a series of online workshops about crisis management and giving away Hootsuite Professional completely free to small businesses affected by the situation. If you have such a business and want to connect with customers more effectively, start here.

9. Jamm

Jamm is a lightweight voice and video collaboration tool for remote teams. It may not be full of extensive features, but for many businesses who have been thrown into new working routines, connection between teams is the most important thing to have. Jamm is now offering their product for free, for four months, for any team. Brainstorm, inspire and keep each other motivated here.


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