startup visa experience shokoofeh.

I was looking for a perfect platform to launch my startup project when a friend of mine set up a contact with B. Amsterdam. “They have the perfect solution for international entrepreneurs like you”, he told me; “they call it the Startup Visa program.” Already after the first e-mails, B. proved to be the perfect platform for growth.

My startup is a fitness innovation app that makes health and well-being accessible to everyone. Its key promise is flexibility, as it offers a range of fitness services across the country; not only in big cities, as it is usually the case. In addition, we work together with local communities and are not limited to the fitness chains. This proves to be a promising concept as the willingness of those communities to connect and expand is overwhelming.

B. has been a great help to my startup ever since I arrived in Amsterdam. They not only help me with the taxes which was initially my biggest challenge but bring me in contact with other entrepreneurs and their amazing ideas. This is truly motivating for me as a female entrepreneur, to find yourself in a community of like-minded people. B. is a place full of energy and openness which gives it an allure of youth and exploration. It is very much an atmosphere in which I feel at home.

My plan is to try out my ideas in the Netherlands first. It is a great country to do so, with a perfect infrastructure that allows for quick and straightforward communication. After the Netherlands, we’re planning to expand to Europe and beyond.

Great adventures lie ahead, and I am sure B. is going to be part of it.

Shokoofeh Ketabchi, PhD // from Tehran, Iran // founder of TanFit