// 04.28.2020

climateview wants you to see a carbon neutral world.

ClimateView is a Swedish, Stockholm based, software developer creating tools that enable cities, municipalities and countries to visualize climate change data. In doing so, the two-year-old startup allows them to set, prioritize, monitor, communicate and execute emission targets with the overarching aim to accelerate current movements towards a carbon-neutral world.

ClimateView recently announced a $2.5 million funding round, provided by investors including GGV Capital, Max Ventures, Nordic Makers and Norrsken Ventures, an impact venture capital fund who have previously invested in the likes of Ignitia, a tropical weather forecaster for farmers, and Karma, a food-waste startup. The investment is an encouraging mark in ClimateView’s mission to reinvent how the world approaches climate change together.

Whilst climate change is a truly global issue, and one that remains just as urgent despite the coronavirus pandemic dominating headlines, results have traditionally been obstructed by lengthy, outdated processes – hundreds of extensive reports are published only for them to be quickly out of date. And inconsistent approaches across countries that fail to harness the vast amounts of crucial data paired with an issue that is hard to comprehend in scale and severity means that a unified approach is needed more than ever.

By facilitating cities and countries to clearly visualize data, aims, and processes – both on a macro and micro level – ClimateView is catalyzing a shift in the way we understand and act upon climate change. In essence, their tool allows us to see a complex, worldwide problem in a digital and clear way. The clarity that such a platform gives is the building blocks to effective action. It also champions the idea of sharing data, collaborating and benchmarking best practices that can be used around the world. What seems, even more, promising for ClimateView’s future is its use cases for both countries to cooperate and smaller organizations to contribute to a common goal.


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