Braingineers // Learn about integrating Artificial Intelligence models

Learn about integrating Artificial Intelligence models with Braingineers

You would like to start integrating Artificial Intelligence models in your product, but you are not sure how to start? At Let’s Startup 2019, Braingineers will provide you with important insights in order build a machine learning model in a scalable way.

Time // 15:30 – 16.30
Room // ground floor, the Muhammad
Target // Intermediate AI enthusiasts

A chat with Nicolette Stassen, Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Lead at Braingineers, about her workshop at Let’s Startup 2019.

What’s Braigineers about?

“At Braingineers, we have developed an emotion analytics platform, which enables companies to develop an optimal customer experience through measuring the emotional perception of their website. In order to do this, we allow a panel to scroll through a company’s website. Simultaneously, we register which emotions occur, for instance joy or frustration. This way, the company gains insights in costumers experience.”
“We measure the participants’ response by an EEG headset, which measures the brain waves of participants. After that, we analyze these data using a special algorithm which we have developed ourselves. This algorithm allows us to recognize emotions.”

What are your plans for Let’s Startup 2019?

“Integrating Artificial Intelligence models in a product can be a difficult process. In order to do this, understanding your business problem and available data is the core of building a great model. In this masterclass, I will show you how we at Braingineers developed and integrated our emotion recognition models, and which difficulties we have faced. You will hear about building a machine learning model in a scalable way, but also how to make sure that you can work on one model with multiple people in a data team.

What’s in it for attendees?

“This masterclass will be quite technical. It is mainly interesting for developers who are interested in building Artificial Intelligence models, but also for startups who are considering hiring a data scientist. Not only will attendees learn how to develop Artificial Intelligence models, they will also understand the importance of creating a solid base. To be able to reach the desired outcome, establish the specific insights you would like to gain from your data. After my masterclass, attendees will know that it is a bumpy road to get to their destination.”

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