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Stop postponing – tackle that pension with BrightPensioen

For some startups and freelancers, taking care of their pension is not a top priority. It’s usually considered to be complicated and expensive. But: there is another way. That’s what you’ll find out during Let’s Start Up 2019.

A chat with Steven van Kempen, Business Developer at BrightPensioen.

Time // 15.00 – 15.45
Room // 2nd floor, the Henry

What’s BrightPensioen about?

“BrightPensioen is a pension provider, making it possible for freelancers, employees and companies to flexibly save for their pension. It’s the only pension provider in the Netherlands that doesn’t earn money from the capital of their participants, but from a fixed annual membership. Why should you pay more if you save more?”

“All the participants become co-owner of BrightPensioen through a cooperation, which gives them control and enables them to share in the profits. On top of that, BrightPensioen only invests in a one hundred percent sustainable lifecycle fund.”

What are your plans for LSU 2019?

“In my workshop, I’m going to share (almost) everything there is to know about saving for your retirement. To many people, especially entrepreneurs and freelancers, retirement is a concept that is somewhat difficult to grasp, typically resulting in not taking care of it at all. They tend to postpone, postpone, and postpone – not aware of all the fiscal advantages and interest they miss out on.

In a presentation I’ll be showing that taking care of your pension, in fact, doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Especially for startups that have difficulties finding the right people for the job, offering a pension plan can be an important asset in the war on talent.”

What’s in it for the visitors?

“I’m going to provide them with tips and tricks they can immediately apply to their own, specific situation. I’m also going to confront them with some statistics, that usually knock my audience socks off. Which ones? Stop by and find out.”

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