Our ecosystem is made from hundreds of startups, scaleups and corporates, all under one roof. But what unites them is the people we call the B. community; a family of innovators, disruptors and thought leaders, and they are the heart of everything that happens at B. amsterdam. So, we value our community a lot. Our community is not only the regular meetups, the entrepreneurial festivals, guest events, community support and access to world-class facilities, but it’s the connection to our ever-growing international network of like-minded, passionate entrepreneurs willing to help each other thrive.

  • Rooftop restaurant, where you can meet, drink, eat, connect
  • B. gym to meet new people
  • Lounges to lunch, have dinner, drink
  • Community events to connect


Check some of our members here.

introducing manon van eijsden from voedingsjungle.

sustainable startups are necessary. hrbs. is one of them.

introducing merick schoute from holie foods.

kryha and blockchain agree; stop just thinking about yourself.

we bring entrepreneurship within everyone’s reach by providing the right spaces, toolset and social environment.

Unieke werkplek. Creatief opgezet in een half gestript kantoorpand. Restaurant met dakterras waar de kippen rustig rondlopen of waar je met je collega's even een potje jeu de boules kan spelen

Ruud K // Business Developer of Connect2Crowd

Hippe locatie. Fijne plek om cursus te volgen of te werken. Goede vibes.

Wil S // Sr. Advideur of Calix Bedrijfsmeditatie

EPIC was hier nog nooit geweest maar zo hoort een Co-work space te zijn. Weet niet hoe de borrels zijn maar er zitten mooie bedrijven en weet waar ik mijn kantoor zou hebben mocht ik het nodig hebben.

Daan V // Commercial Director of Ayold

some of our members.