// Our visiting guidelines:

working safely at B.

To keep B. a safe working environment, we have taken some measures regarding the use of the buildings. Let’s fight corona together.

Please keep in mind the following instructions:

// 1. the buildings.

  • We placed plexus glass at the front desks and coffee bars.
  • You are asked to wear a face mask when you’re walking through the buildings. This means in common spaces, in the elevators, stairways, hallways, and when you are not seated in the lounges. Help keep our community safe.
  • We will provide face masks at the front desk when people walk in without having one.
  • Clear signing to indicate the one-way routes in our buildings & 1,5m waiting lines on the floor.
  • Extra cleaning rounds including disinfection of surfaces
  • Signing with rules and procedures at the entrance, elevators and toilets in every building.
  • Stairs to be used for going up and elevators (two people per elevator) for going down (due to rush hour in the morning.)
  • Door stoppers to minimize the use of door handles.

We keep adjusting our spaces to the latest guidelines of the government. As soon as (more) laws and regulations become active, we will act accordingly.

// 2. co-work safety measures.

General rules for members with a desk membership

  • In public areas – such as the lounges, the co-work space, and the startup floor – there’s a maximum of 30 persons per space.
  • On “islands” of 4 desks, a maximum of 2 persons is allowed.
  • On “islands” of 6 desks, a maximum of 3 persons is allowed.
  • If you sit diagonally across from each other there’s enough space between you and the other person.
  • Please use the flexible screens to put in between you and someone else if needed.

Co-work space

  • Maximum of 30 persons.
  • During these upcoming three weeks two of the wooden offices in the co-work space will be opened to work here with a maximum of 2 persons.
  • When you sit on your desk you may take off your mask, but whenever you leave your spot we urgently ask you to put on your mask. We know, it’ll be quite the change but it’s needed to keep B. a safe environment for everyone.
  • All flex desks need to be completely clean of any personal belongings or garbage after you’ve used it. We will be monitoring this more closely and take action if needed. Because there’ll be fewer desks to use, this is extra important.

Mask On zone

The elevated part on the left side of the lounge on the second floor will become a “mask on zone”. For everyone who prefers to work with a mask on for safety reasons, this will be a dedicated area.

  • Mask is mandatory from the 1st of December.
  • Maximum of 2 persons per table.

// 3. events & meetings.

We kindly ask you to wear a face mask upon arrival at B. and when walking through buildings. We ask our visitors upon arrival to go through a quick health check by scanning the QR code and answering the questions. Our event & meeting spaces are adjusted to the 1,5-meter social distance policy. Therefore, the capacities per space are lowered. You can get in touch with the B. Events team to receive a tailor-made proposal based on your request.

You can download our policy here.

All of our spaces are still accessible. An overview can be found here.

We’ve created a safe environment to still get together for presentations, meetings, congresses & all other types of events. We’ve got plenty of space. Let’s create memories together.

// 4. café restaurant Bureau.

At restaurant Bureau, we have 800m2 of restaurant space inside and 1200m2 of rooftop terrace around. The maximum capacity of our restaurant is now 30 persons. Guests are requested to wear a face mask upon arrival until they are seated.

You can book a table for a group of max 4 people or one household and we maintain a safe distance of 1,5m between the guests.  All visitors will be placed sitting, standing around is not allowed.

The restaurant is closed at 22.00 and new guests can not be welcomed after 21.00.

Reservations need to made upfront via the website or by phone via +31 (0)20 723 84 92.

We ask our visitors upon arrival to go through a quick health check with someone from our staff.

// 5. public lounges.

A maximum of 30 persons is allowed. When sitting in the lounge you can take off your face mask. Our buildings are adjusted to a one-way routing with the guarantee to keep a 1,5-meter distance of other persons. We ask all our visitors to maintain the 1,5-meter social distancing; that means that no more than 2 persons sitting per table are allowed. You can still get coffee, tea, soda, and snacks at our bar.

// 6. padel courts.

The rules for our padel courts are based on the regulation by KNLTB and NPB. These can be found here. Wear a face mask when you arrive, when walking to the courts and in the rest of the building. In short, please keep the following in mind:

general rules

  • A reservation for a padel court on a specific time slot needs to be made upfront digitally here.
  • Keep in mind that the 1,5-meter distance between players needs to be maintained as much as possible.
  • Follow the rules indicated at the courts. Our staff can address these rules.
  • Please take your own rackets & balls with you if possible. Balls can also be purchased at the Frontdesk.
  • When walking around the building please wear a face mask.

rules during the game

  • Don’t sit close to others while waiting for or watching the game.
  • Don’t give high fives.
  • Change the courtside clockwise.
  • Always keep a racket length distance.

For more information regarding our safety measures, you can contact us at +31 20 2614703