Cleaning & Facility

Our cleaning partner Osius will contact new members when moving into the office. They will shortly explain the terms and conditions of your cleaning program and introduce themself. If you are looking for information about your office cleaning, ask your office manager / primary contact person first. They will probably know!

Have you not heard anything yet? You can always contact cleaning@b-buildingbusiness.com.

If your office manager does not know your cleaning day, you can send an e-mail to your community manager.

We work with a cleaning program based on input instead of output. Input cleaning means that a fixed work schedule is followed by the cleaners every week. You can find the the input specification list here.

Standard regulations:

// cleaning takes place on a fixed day after 17:30
// additional requests are possible: carpet, kitchen unit, dishwasher or microwave cleaning
// annual indexation
// clean desk and floor policy: keyboards, monitors, dirty dishes and cables are not touched
// private belongings will not be touched or moved unless member gives permission by mail

You can contact cleaning@b-buildingbusiness.com if you want to request add-ons like the microwave, the fridge etc.


You can find the price overview here.

If you have an office bigger than 150m2 or if you want regular cleaning more than 2 times a week, please contact cleaning@b-buildingbusiness.com



We want to offer a neat and representative working environment for everyone. Therefor we ask everyone to follow the waste procedure of their building.

1. Cardboard

Small quantities of cardboard can be left next to the bins in the office with the boxes folded flat. The cleaners will collect them during your weekly cleaning. Please don’t dump cardboard randomly in the hallway.

Large quantities of cardboard can be placed here when folded and flat:

B.1 Every floor has a ‘kooikar’ nearby the elevators

B.2 There is a container for cardboard underneath the stairwell on the ground floor of every tower

B.3 Behind the building are two big containers where you can dispose your cardboard. Please refrain from leaving cardboard op top or next to the containers

2. Glassware

Don’t throw away glassware in regular bins, this can harm our cleaners.

Small quantities of glass can be placed here:

B.1 There is a bin for glassware on every floor nearby the elevators

B.2 There is a container for glassware underneath the stairwell on the ground floor of every tower. Please refrain from placing glass next to or on  top of the container.

B.3 There is a bin for glassware at the pantry on every floor

3.Bulky waste.

In case you have large quantities of bulky waste that has to be disposed (such as office chairs, tables, pallets etc.), the nearest address for waste processing is at the Henk Sneevlietweg: https://www.amsterdam.nl/adressengids/afvalpunten-0/afvalpunt-henk/

We can facilitate the disposal of bulky waste. Send your request to service.ams@b-buildingbusiness.com

If we detect any type of waste from our members in- and around our buildings, we will  have to charge the costs for removal.





We love dogs so we have a tolerance policy for bringing your dog to the office. However, it’s not possible to have your dog with you when sitting or working in our shared spaces like the co-work or public lounges because of hygienic reasons. Assistance dogs are of course an exception!