Build a real-life robot assistant with IBM

You’d like to build an intelligent robot but you don’t know where to start? During Let’s Startup 2019, IoT-specialist Yves Debeer shows you how to easily build an open source robot and make it smart with IBM’s Watson assistant. Your personal  robot will recognize you, talk to you and help your business grow by taking over tasks. This might be love at first sight.

Time // 16:00 – 17:00
Room // third floor, IBM innovation centre
Sort // Workshop – Register

A chat with Yves Debeer, Developer Advocate at IBM Digital Business, about his workshop.

What’s IBM Digital Business about?

,,We have a broad perspective and are looking at everything that interests developers worldwide. Our research includes mobile development, cloud, IoT, chatbots and blockchain applications. For example, during a recent project, we supplied hundreds of mini-drones to developers in the US and Canada so they could experiment with them.

I have been involved with IBM’s cloud products from the beginning and am now working a lot on IoT. An industrial engineer by training, I am fascinated by the synergy between hardware and software. Robots provide a very interesting combination for me.”

What are your plans for Let’s Startup 2019?

,,We are working with the One robot. This is an open source robot built on top of a Raspberry Pi and Arduino that was launched on IndieGogo. It comes with facial and speech recognition installed.”

“We are going to couple this with IBM’s Watson technology. This way we can train our robot for entire conversations. During the workshop we will build our own template chatbot in the IBM cloud environment. Chatbot-workshops are very popular and widespread nowadays. But we are adding a real-life extension to the software to make our robot more human. That’s really cool.”

What’s in it for attendees?

,,We are aiming to attract developers and people who are generally interested in chatbots. It’s important to mention that you don’t need to have developer skills to train your robot during our session. We see many companies that want to replace their customer support with a chatbot. This is especially relevant for startups who are looking to reduce their overhead. But you can only deploy a chatbot for such tasks when it works flawlessly.”

“We are using a real life robot to show the direction this can take. You can imagine using your personal robot assistant to welcome guests at your event. I want people to walk away with a real understanding of the business case for chatbots.”

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