Let’s Startup 2019 // Play with the Sony Xperia Touch and make music with plants

Join Ignation in the lounge of Let’s Startup 2019 and make music with plants…

Do you want to make music with plants or write on the event message board with Europe’s first touch beamer? Interact playfully with technology in two showcases at Let’s Startup 2019.

11th of January
Time  // 15.00 – 21.00
B.1 // lounge

Lex Joosten of digital experience agency Ignation explains why it will be fun and insightful.

A chat with Ignation

“Ignation creates human-centered concepts and products to help improve people’s digital experiences. We use design and technology to help you move forward by focusing on what really matters: unlocking human potential. Our main focus lies in the understanding of people. Why do they make certain choices? And how do these choices affect you? We translate this information into usable websites, apps, and chatbots to help you serve your customers better.”

What are your plans for Let’s Startup 2019?

“We want visitors to think about what you can do with technology. Therefore, we will showcase two installations in the lobby of B1 during the event. You can experience the first Sony Xperia Touch Message Board in Europe ever. The Xperia Touch turns every surface in a touchscreen, allowing you to swipe like Tom Cruise in Minority Report. Use it to write or draw a post about your Let’s Startup thought or experience on the app message board.”

“The second installation shows how nature and technology can coexist. Your Plant Band is a floral fantasy that brings human, nature and music closer together. We decided to integrate music, nature and technology, into an interactive installation. In doing so, our aim is to let visitors marvel at nature again. Plants become the instruments for an interactive experience, in which the visitors can play and experiment with music.”

What’s in it for attendees?

“Both installations provide a playful interlude between workshops. These are great examples of how you can create a different digital experience in a human way. We want to inspire you to think about what you could do with these technologies yourself. Our team will be there to assist and discuss your ideas. Come and join us in the lobby of B1 when you’re in need of a break.”

Where can I sign up?

For more info and tickets for Let’s Startup click here