Let’s Startup 2019 // Kick-start your online marketing strategy with Ikwilbovenaan.nl

Kick-start your online marketing strategy with Ikwilbovenaan.nl

You would you like to start using online marketing, but you don’t really know how? At Let’s Startup 2019, Ikwilbovenaan.nl will provide you with the right tools to kick-start your own online marketing strategy.

11th of January
Times // 15.00 – 17.30
B.1 // Ikwilbovenaan office
Type // walk-in sessions

A chat with Akke Pennin, co-owner of Ikwilbovenaan.nl, about his workshop at Let’s Startup 2019.

What’s Ikwilbovenaan.nl about?

“Ikwilbovenaan.nl has a clear goal: we want to make online marketing easy to understand and accessible. We are an online marketing agency, specialized in paid advertising and attribution. This means we offer strategic advice in building online marketing strategies for companies. We believe data is the holy grail for building businesses – and that everything should be measurable.”

What are your plans for Let’s Startup 2019?

During our walk-in session, our partner Onze Kapel can elaborate on what it means to have a branding strategy and how you could create one. Then we will assist you on how to start measuring everything you need to measure, how to experiment with different marketing channels, audiences, landing pages & much more.

“One of the things we will be looking at is creating a buyer persona, a representation of the perfect client who is willing to buy your product or service. Often companies don’t have a clear overview of their target audience, which is one the basic requirements when starting a marketing campaign. “

“When talking about marketing, companies often expect this requires a large budget. However, there are many examples of tricks and tools you can implement without spending any money, especially for startups.”

What’s in it for attendees?

“Visitors will have a chance to walk in and ask anything relating to online marketing strategy to leading experts with knowledge about the creative but also the data-driven aspects of marketing. Furthermore, they will be provided with the necessary tools to kick-start their own marketing strategy. This way, companies can save costs and use their money more wisely. Once companies have taken these first steps, they hopefully reach out to us. That way, we can help them expand their strategy and take it to the next level.”

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