“It’s not only about what you do, but how you make people feel”

When it comes to creating the most effective online video commercials, FJ Producties combines “smart ass” with “kick ass.” As Director of Photography, Jasper’s role is to utilize insights from analytics to create a powerful image that invokes a certain feeling for a specific audience.

A recent inspiration? “Filmmaking is really shrinking down; the amount of money you need to create high level productions is smaller, so it’s easier for us to come with a small team to a high level of production. That’s something that we’re really looking to do, and we have to be smart. It’s good, because you can make it way more intimate — the teams are way smaller, you can be more authentic because you don’t have to communicate with a lot of people, you can get on the same page very quickly… you can do more creative things.”

His thoughts on mistakes? “As a filmmaker, and from what I learned in school, every mistake is right. You get surprised constantly; we have to deal with reality a lot. Everything we put in our heads is challenged by reality — it’s never the way you expect it to be. So you have to be very flexible and come up with creative solutions. You wake up before you should, you’re a bit nervous — but that’s good, because then you really care and you want to perform.”

Why B.? “We do video production, but we also use a lot of data
analytics, so we look at data a lot — B. is very interesting for that. We focus on both insights and creating. We see a lot of companies at B. doing a lot with data as well, and we are very interested in that. And one level below, we have BudgetCam, who rents out cameras, which is very handy, and we have the film studio here, which we use a lot. We can combine the kickass and the smartass here in one building.”

Advice for all companies? “Don’t forget how important it is to focus on how people feel, instead of just the numbers — we are living in an emotional world, so we shouldn’t forget that. It’s not only about what you do, but how you make people feel. This can apply to any company; for advertisement, it’s more pronounced, but for everybody, it’s the same.”