Leaseplan // lessons from the 55-Year Old Startup

Leaseplan: lessons from the 55-Year Old Startup

How did a car leasing pioneer manage to stay relevant and innovative for 55 years in a row? How did they manage the growth of their digital team, from around 40  to 150 in under 4 months?

Get a peek behind the curtain of LeasePlan’s growth and strategy.

Time // 17:00 – 17:25
Room // ground floor, the Wiechert
Type // Mainstage session

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A chat with Adrian McPhee, Head of Technology at LeasePlan Digital.

What’s LeasePlan about?

“Founded in 1963 in The Netherlands, LeasePlan has been a pioneer of the Car-as-a-Service business model around the globe. Quite a lot has changed over the decades: 1963 is the year that the Beatles started to become popular!  Today LeasePlan is the largest, most authoritative lease company of its kind in the world.

Today we operate our Car-as-a-Service business in over 30 countries and have more than 1.8 million vehicles. We have also launched a digital marketplace that enables customers to buy, lease and subscribe to high-quality used cars in Europe.”

What are your plans for LSU 2019?

“LeasePlan has been innovating on a global scale for many consecutive decades.  LeasePlan is now building on its position with new digital platforms and becoming even more efficient and customer centric.

I am giving a keynote highlighting how LeasePlan has evolved over the years, and will give you a peek into what we’re working on now, for example digital platforms that help LeasePlan to be even more flexible, sustainable, to reach a bigger audiences and to deliver excellent customer experiences.

Our Digital team grew from a small team of a few dozen,  to over one hundred and fifty in just a few months – we are now around 200 people. LeasePlan Digital is playing an important role in LeasePlan’s digital future, with new engaging experiences for our customers.”

What’s in it for attendees?

“In general, this talk will be interesting for all entrepreneurs and teams that are interested in a clear and specific case study of fast growth, and specifically inside corporate structures.

I will explain how our digital strategy is helping to transform our business, the growth spurts we’ve experienced, and how we’ve stabilized after them.

Startups will also take-away a lot of insights in working with a big household name like LeasePlan. What will they face if they approach, or talk to big corporations for partnerships? We have a lot of experience in working with start- and scaleups, and can give you insights in what to do, and what to definitely avoid.”

If you want to fuel yourself up with inspiration and learn from the lessons of LeasePlan, join Adrian’s entertaining talk at Let’s Startup 2019.

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