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Leverage your data with LeasePlan Digital

Would you like to get more out of your data, but you’re not sure how to do that? At Let’s Startup 2019, LeasePlan Digital will give you the basics on how to bring data science and data visualization into your business.

Time // 18:00 – 19:00
Room // 2nd floor, lounge
Type // Masterclass

A chat with Nienke Korsten, Data Scientist at LeasePlan Digital, about the LeasePlan workshop at Let’s Startup 2019. At Let’s Startup 2019, the workshop is co-hosted with Irina Mihai.

What’s LeasePlan Digital about?

“LeasePlan Digital is a startup within the larger LeasePlan car leasing company. Our goal is to internally bring about digital change. For this purpose, we execute all kinds of digital transformations. For instance, we try to bring new and innovative data science techniques to the existing business. Also, we are building a global data hub to support the entire organization centrally. Combining startup flexibility with the support of a large established organization, we have the best of both worlds to move forward.”

What are your plans for Let’s Startup 2019?

“At LeasePlan Digital, we bring data analytics, data engineering and data science together in one team. At Let’s Startup 2019, we will outline the do’s and don’ts of  our shared use cases. This should help attendees see how to bring data science and data visualization to their own business and leverage their data. We hope our experiences will help other startups to gain better insights in their data.”

“Our workshop is aimed at anyone who would like to learn how to integrate data science and visualization into their business. We don’t assume any entry level knowledge, we will provide a basic introduction. We believe the way we work at LeasePlan Digital can help anyone to move forward with their data.”

What’s in it for attendees?

“Hopefully, they will get an idea of what data visualization and machine learning are about. In addition, attendees will have a more practical idea on how these techniques can be used in their business and what is needed to use them. All in all, we will provide better understanding of what you can do to leverage your data.”

The workshop is hosted by Nienke Korsten and Irina Mihai.

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