Let’s Startup 2019 // Rethinking education and future talent with BSSA

Rethinking education and future talent with B. Startup School Amsterdam

Are living up to your true potential? During Let’s Start Up 2019, B. Startup School Amsterdam puts a new, sustainable system up for discussion that ‘re-skills’ ambitious future talent. This way, BSSA touches on the mismatch between current educational systems and the skills the tech industry demands.

In this article, Camille Janssen talks about what BSSA plans on doing during Let’s Startup 2019.

11th of January
Workshop #1 // 15.00
Live coding workshop, by alumni BSSA taught by DevMountain
Workshop #2 // 16.00
Data analytics & machine learning workshop, by Ubiqum
Workshop #3 // 18.00
Redefine the paradigm of hiring future (tech) talent talk by Mats Siffels

Tell us about B. StartupSchool Amsterdam
‘B. Startup School Amsterdam (BSSA) provides tech skills to talented people with potential from different backgrounds to live up to their potential. This way, we fill the gap between current educational systems and the tech industry. Over the course of nine months, consisting of a three-month class and a six-month paid traineeship, students gain essential skills, connections and work experience. Examples? How about a program on Data Analytics or Full-stack Web Development. Tous, talent is not about resumes, qualifications or previous jobs, it’s about someone’s potential to learn.’

What are your plans for Let’s Startup 2019?
‘We are hosting three workshops during Let’s Startup 2019. In the first workshop, we guide the audience through the world of coding. An alumnus from our Full-Stack Web Development program provides a live coding session to show the many possibilities coding has tooffer. In this way, we aim to make coding more accessible.’

‘In the second workshop,our partner Ubiqum will provide an introduction into data analytics. This workshop looks specifically at how to use clustering techniques – something that is key in data analytics. BSSA will start a Data Analytics & Machine Learning fast-track program together with Ubiqum in January.’

‘During the third workshop, we redefine the paradigm of hiring future (tech) talent. Our managing director Mats Siffels argues that, for real success in a future that is truly unknown, we must rethink education. During his talk, we explore the importance of a new, sustainable system that ‘re-skills’ college graduates, emphasizing tech and entrepreneurship, and increasing relevance in any job market.’

What’s in it for visitors?
‘Visitors take their first steps in the field of coding during the first workshop. When they leave the second workshop, they will have a better understanding of the fundamental concepts and basic tools necessary to efficiently perform data analysis. After the talk by Mats, visitors understand why 93 percent of BSSA graduates immediately find employment – and why this kind of system will dictate the future of a global and democratized jobmarket.’

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