Let’s Startup 2019 // Become a coffee connoisseur with Moyee

Become a coffee connoisseur with Moyee

Curious what’s in your daily cup of coffee? Moyee turns you into a coffee connoisseur in under fifteen minutes.

11th of January
Time  // 15.00 – 21.00
B.1 // 5th floor, Bureau

We chat with Bart Drion, Brand Manager and self-proclaimed Caffeine Dealer by Moyee.

What’s Moyee about?

“Moyee is a coffee brand aiming to create radically great coffee for both the end consumer and the coffee producing countries.

We all want to buy and use products that have a positive impact on communities and the environment. Fair trade coffee has been around for twenty years, but after all this time the improvement has been too slow. We believe that’s because the profits are spread unfairly.

Instead of exporting raw materials from coffee producing countries and process and roast it in rich, developed countries, Moyee sets up chains where companies in the coffee belt roast their beans themselves, so they can sell the end product.

And since the big profits are in the end products, more goes to the communities that are built on and around their product.“

What are your plans for LSU 2019?

“Almost all of us drink coffee daily, but only a few can label these coffees with more words than ‘strong’, ‘nice’ or ‘watery’. We’ll make sure this coffee vocabulary expands by organizing a workshop ‘professional cupping’.

Cupping is the industry way of tasting coffee, where you learn to differentiate the flavors and aromas of brewed coffee. We’ll prepare a range of coffees, and walk you through everything that you see, taste, and smell.“

What’s in it for visitors?

“Attendees will learn to distinguish between the different beans like the Robusta and Arabica, and a variety of roast methods, like a light, medium-dark and dark roast.

All while learning about where your coffee come from, and how the coffee industry works. And of course, if you feel you need a wake up call after a day of workshops, come in to get your caffeine fix.”

If you want to impress your friends with your knowledge, or finally want to know what’s in that daily cup of happiness, join the workshop with the coffee experts of Moyee. You might leave with trembling hands, but you will certainly leave with insights on of what that daily drink is all about.

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