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At B. Amsterdam padel, you can book padel lessons that will help you improve on technique and tactics during the training. Our training method is based upon the knowledge of our collaboration with ‘The Padelschool’ and top Spanish trainers.


indoor courts – B. Amsterdam padel.

Our padel courts are all indoor and can be played at all times. Rain or shine? Summer or winter? You can play at B. Amsterdam padel at any time. 5 double courts and 1 single court are awaiting your visit. More information on B. Amsterdam padel? Click here. 



losers complain, winners train.

Interested in taking private padel classes? Or do you prefer to train with a friend or even a full group? Everything is possible at B. Amsterdam padel! Send an email to to schedule your first lesson. Availability and more info on the trainers can be found below. We recommend to get in touch with your teacher first, and then book your court.


learn & enjoy. 

Fun during development is the core value of the PadelCasa padel school. Our trainers welcome you with a smile and kick off with a summary of what the lesson is going to look like. Training always round sup with a small match to bring the training into practice.

The goal? Learn something new and give you a good feeling at the end of the training.

Padel is for everyone and with B. Amsterdam padel & PadelCasa you can take good quality padel lessons in Amsterdam, for any level. Beginner or professional? No problem for us! Your trainer will make sure that you will learn all the different tactics and techniques to improve your padel game to the max!


pricing padel training Amsterdam.

We offer the following lesson packages (max. 4 persons).

4 lessons (1 hour)

  • OFF PEAK HOURS – €240 including court rental
    €15 p.p. per hour
  • PEAK HOURS – €288 including court rental
    €18 p.p. per hour

8 lessons (1 hour)

  • OFF PEAK HOURS – €480 including court rental
    €15 p.p. per hour
  • PEAK HOURS – €576 including court rental
    €18 p.p. per hour


try out padel training.

Not sure if it’s something for you, but eager to learn? You can book a try out – padel training with us too. With a group of 4 persons, the rates are:

  • €15 p.p. during off-peak hours (08:00 – 17:00)
  • €18 p.p. during peak hours (17:00 – 23:00)

padel teachers B. Amsterdam padel.


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Padel training Amsterdam

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