Let’s Startup 2019 // master programmatic advertising with Platform161’s experts

“Master programmatic advertising with Platform161’s experts”

Platform161 brings you the latest insights on online advertising. Walk in at Let’s Startup 2019 to get answers to all your questions about the programmatic industry and online campaigns. We’re talking to Nanda Kempen, product marketing manager at Platform161, about what attendees can expect.

11th of January
Time  // 15:00 – 17:30
B.1 // fourth floor, platform161 office

Tell us about Platform161

“Platform161 is a personalized and programmatic advertising platform. Simply put, we help companies bid on online advertising space on websites, mobile, video and outdoor and place the right ads in an automated way.

In earlier days, companies had to manually select places to advertise, like specific websites, and reach out to those platforms to make advertising agreements.

With today’s platforms, it’s easy to bid on thousands of advertising placement spaces simultaneously and have algorithms figure out which ones work best for your audience and budget.”

What are your plans for Let’s Startup 2019?

We’re excited to open up our knowledge vault to answer all questions related to programmatic advertising campaigns, ad bidding and the programmatic industry.

We’re hosting expert sessions where three of our digital trading specialists and customer success managers, who work for large brands like ZilverenKruis, Pepsi, RegioBank and independent advertising agencies, will answer both industry-wide and campaign-specific questions.”

What’s in it for visitors?

“No matter what the current knowledge on programmatic, visitors will leave with valuable insights on the following subjects:

1. The cutting edge of online advertising.
Where is the programmatic industry going, and why does it matter?
Is personalization the future, and if so, how can you leverage it?

2. Brainstorming about your campaigns.
Did your ad for cheap plane tickets appear next to a news article on a plane crash?
Or do you want to reach a certain target audience but don’t have the right data in-house?
How can you control the circumstances? And how do you obtain the right data to reach the right users?

3. Optimizing your advertising efforts.
Why do some of your campaigns work like magic, while others don’t seem to work at all? What can you do to optimize your ad spending?
What new technologies can you leverage?”

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