Professional Rebel // Become a Change Leader in One Hour

Become a Change Leader in One Hour with Professional Rebel

‘Change is the only constant’ is a cliché for a reason. But how do you make your team or organization adapt to (technological) change? Take a deep-dive into change-leadership with Professional Rebel.

Time: 16.30 – 17.30
Room: the Chris, ground floor
Sort: Workshop
Target: Formal & informal leaders of change in large organisations Ambitious professionals, with the ambition to lead change HR managers, Learning & Development managers, who are developing change programs

A chat with Melissa Marijnen, co-founder of Professional Rebel and leadership trainer.

What’s Professional Rebel about?

“Professional Rebel is a training company that teaches programs around change leadership in large organizations. Change leadership is the ability to create change within your organization or team.

Large organizations are usually quite stuck in routines and structures, and it’s a challenge to be flexible and turn things around however good your intention. In order to survive, however, you need to embrace change and adapt to it. Especially in a world where technological change is happening faster than ever before.

We empower employees to take ownership, be creative and improve the status-quo of their team or organization.”

What are your plans for LSU 2019?

“We organize a condensed masterclass called ‘Change Leader in One Hour’ where we teach you the mindset, strategy and practical steps for making change happen in your organization.

It’s a sneak preview of our recurring bootcamp ‘Change Leader in One Day’, which is part of the range of programs we offer.”

What’s in it for attendees?

“Whether you’re a large corporation, a quickly growing startup or self-employed, you are likely stuck in certain routines, habits and limiting beliefs. This masterclass will open your eyes to identify the patterns that hold you back from growth or improvement.

We’ll supply attendees with some effective ‘tools for thinking’: exercises and practices to change your perspective, and affect change by taking small steps, whether that’s starting a meeting different with challenging questions or performing little exercise routines during the day to up the energy.

Above all, attendees will walk away with a renewed awareness of how they can experiment right away with making little changes that can lead to big transformations in any company, big or small.”

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