Sanne // Lead:famly

“Stay curious. If you lose yourself in your computer and internal plans, you’ll lose your connection to the world.”

Sanne from Lead:famly shares her ambitions and challenges of her business.

From personality-based style tests for BMW to addicting Game of Thrones fan quizzes for HBO, Lead:famly’s do-it-yourself gaming-based marketing tool has brought customer engagement to a new level.

As the first Dutch employee of the Danish company, Sanne is leading the expansion into Benelux. Her current challenge? Discovering how to engage with different business cultures:

“We’ve been very successful in the Nordics and want to copy and paste that format to other countries, but finding the best approach to succeed in the Benelux is a cultural challenge. For example, Denmark’s ‘meeting’ culture is huge a way of life, but here it’s less. They’re very open — if you reach out to 10 Danish business people, 9 of them will accept — so it’s finding that balance and seeing what works in other business cultures. What can we copy/paste, and what do we need to do completely differently? That’s what we’re figuring out right now.”

A bigger goal? “It would be good to succeed in the Benelux, but it’s more showing marketeers how effective using game mechanics in their marketing tactics can be — to interact in a more fun and engaging way with their customers and really get to know them.”

Why B.? “I knew the place from clients and colleagues and I instantly loved the vibe: it’s low-key, looks cool, and feels very open. I like that companies from all stages can interact and mingle. We were lucky to claim the last remaining empty space.”

Her advice? “Stay curious. Continue to keep the conversation going with your colleagues, clients and market — if you lose curiosity and start losing yourself in your computer and internal plans, you’ll lose your connection to the world.”