“Don’t deliberate over easily reversible decisions”

As co-founder & Head of Retention for craft & specialty beer webshop Beerwulf, Sebastiaan’s team makes the most of their B. network: “We’ve partnered with Moyee; Pack; TrustedShops; Platform161; NewCraft… We love the informal way of meeting with the other start-ups, whether during lunch, drinks, parties or just a break on the rooftop.”

A memorable business moment? “Our first Father’s Day Campaign: we’d been in business for less than 3 months; we had a MVP logistical set-up; our customer service team was 2 FTE and we decided to start advertising heavily our offer on national TV. That was challenging. But still we realized our ambitious targets and were live in 5 European markets within the first 8 months of our existence.”

His secret to successful entrepreneurship? “Don’t deliberate over easily reversible decisions: to remain innovative as you grow, you need to understand which decisions are reversible and should be executed quickly, and which have lasting consequences and should therefore be mulled over more slowly.”

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