Startupbootcamp // A growth hacking power hour

A growth hacking power hour

Growth hacking is the secret behind successful companies such as Airbnb. But what is it exactly, and how can you start growth hacking tomorrow? Learn and get inspired during the workshop at Let’s Startup 2019 by B. members The Talent Institute, Startupbootcamp and Innoleaps.

Time // 15.30 – 17.30
Room // Cinema Room at Startupbootcamp office, 3rd floor
Target // anyone who wants to start growth hacking

A chat with Tom Kollee, Head of Growth at The Talent Institute.

What are The Talent Institute, Startupbootcamp and Innoleaps about?

Kollee: “We like to consider ourselves as an innovation house, empowering innovators in the Netherlands and globally, with three accelerators that work closely together but offer a different value proposition. The Talent Institute empowers people to become innovators by training talent the latest startup skills, tools and mindset.”

“On starting their first job, students often find there is a gap between the skills they learned in school and the skills which are required by their employer. In a six-month program, we get you up to speed. After the first month of training, you are matched with a startup where you follow your traineeship.”

“While we accelerate talent, our sister companies accelerate startups and corporates respectively. Startupbootcamp is a global family of more than twenty industry-focused innovation programs with direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, partners, and investors helping ambitious founders scale. And Innoleaps helps corporates learn to innovate and grow the startup way.”

What are your plans for LSU 2019?

Kollee: “On behalf of all three accelerators, I will introduce growth hacking and its mindset. It will be a power hour in which you will learn what growth hacking is and how you can use it. Most people have heard of examples of companies who became successful through growth hacking, such as Airbnb. And we’ll get into a few of these unicorns. But few people know the process of how they did it.”

“Airbnb conducted 1.000 experiments before they succeeded, and nobody knows about the 999 experiments that preceded the success. But embracing uncertainty and going the extra mile is essential to the growth hacking mindset. And that is what companies are looking for in new employees.”

“In the workshop, I won’t just teach you how to use flashy tools, but to adopt the core, scientific methodology of growth hacking. Which learning goals do you set, how do you make a hypothesis? That being said, these lessons will be practical and perfectly understandable – as long as you pay attention.”

What’s in it for attendees?

Kollee: “After the workshop, you will master the processes to start growth hacking tomorrow. It will challenge your assumptions and offer a valuable, new way of thinking. In that sense, I hope it will be inspirational. Often people know already what they want to do, but they need a push to go out on the street and talk to the customer.”

“Inspiration is also my main motivation for LSU. Energy at the workshop will be high. I am happy when attendees leave with the thought: these 45 minutes were really valuable!”

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