Let’s Startup 2019 // Startups and corporates: one happy family

Startups and corporates: one happy family

Corporates and startups: how do they make each other better? Corporates master the processes and startups the speed to act, but the two have different perspectives. At Let’s Startup 2019, a father from the corporate world teams up with his startup-founding daughter. Together, they’re happy to help you with concrete advice from both perspectives.


Time // 15.00 – 15.30
Room // ground floor, the Chris
Target // Corporates / Startups

Harry van Dorenmalen is a former CEO of IBM Netherlands and knows the corporate world intimately. His daughter Carolina van Dorenmalen founded B. member Foodie-ness, an online inspiration startup for women. Their workshop is aimed at providing you with take-aways to get more out of your startup-corporate partnerships.

A chat with Harry van Dorenmalen.

What is your workshop about?

Harry van Dorenmalen: “In the CoSTA program of Dutch employer’s organization VNO-NCW, we teach corporates how to cooperate better with startups. Corporates, small and medium sized enterprises and startups really do complement each other. The corporates know the processes, but startups have the speed to act.”

“My daughter Carolina on the other hand took the risk to quit her job at HP to start Foodie-ness, an online inspiration platform for women with 114 thousand followers just on Instagram. And she also engages with corporates like Zalando. A corporate wants to have everything written down in a contract and to have permanent rights to your photos, for example.”

What are your plans for Let’s Startup 2019?

“In this workshop we’ll share best practices with startups on how to learn, communicate and act with corporates. We will briefly explain the six focus areas where corporates can often make improvements when working with startups. For example, when searching for and matching with startups. But also: how to set up contracts and divide intellectual property rights.”

“We also look at positive examples of startup and corporate partnerships. For example, CFO of Dutch telecom corporate KPN Jan-Kees de Jager dedicates a lot of his personal time to startups. Carolina in turn will address the same six topics from the startup perspective. During the workshop we will also interact with the audience by asking whether the attendees recognize these challenges as a startup or corporate? And do our pointers help you improve their business?”

What’s in it for attendees?

“As an attendee you will leave with five practical takeaways. One of these is: shoot high but deliver as expected. Often startups are so excited that they risk losing sight of their core proposition. I often ask them: would you buy your own product? In our workshop you will learn how to set ambitious but realistic goals.”

“Another take-away is that you can’t do everything yourself. We will show you how to find the right corporate who can help you. For some attendees, the workshop will confirm that they are on the right path, for others it will be more of a pep-talk or constructive feedback. Whatever’s in there for you, my advice stays the same: always keep going, get better.”

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