Our team is a family of entrepreneurial minds who are dedicated to helping others grow. Whilst we work tirelessly towards a common goal, we know that each one of us is a true individual. So, we give all of our team members space and support to develop their own path and take ownership of their specialty. We grow together, lunch together, play together, relax together and thrive together.

meet the team.
  • Diverse team of entrepreneurial minds.
  • Free access to the B. gym.
  • We have a rooftop bar & restaurant.
  • Build your network.
  • Free to work wherever in our 3 buildings.

meet the team.

"Be curious, be eager, and try to see the bigger picture."
Tessa Bakker
Nina Verrijt
Lead rent & co-work
"If your thoughts and feelings are positive, you will attract positive experiences."
Gerardine Cohnen
Lead events
Gitte Körnmann
Project manager
"All feelings and thoughts you come across are temporary, like everything in life."
Marit Meijer
Rent & community
"Live, laugh, love."
Florentine Heurman
Rent & Community
"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced."
Charlotte van Holstein
Co-work community manager
''Be open & positive to people around you and learn something new every day.''
Vincent Stuur
Financial controller
"Use every job experience as an opportunity to learn something new."
Charlotte Groenendijk
Babette Ankone
"We don't grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges."
Marc Mattheijsen
Head of Facility
Robin Slijkhuis
Sales & New Business
Stijn Vermeulen
Brand & Marketing Manager
Tom Verbeek
Head of Community & Rent - Interim
Len Groenhout
Junior Community Manager
Rijkje Hoiting
Junior Community Manager
Peter Ruiter
Technische dienst
Job op 't Einde
Technische dienst