‘To be successful, you should have a vision and patience’

Meet Tristan Ozero, one of the newest members of the B. community. Ozero is founder of INK Strategy, a design consultancy firm that helps companies visualize their strategy and mission. Since a couple of months, INK Strategy is based in B2.

Why did you choose B.?

‘This place offers us the opportunity to be part of a community. From the first moment I set foot in B., I knew this place was something special. I value the possibility to meet other entrepreneurs en learn from each other, for instance asking advice from a marketing specialist or animator across the hall.’

How are you meeting the other members at B.?

‘The other day, I came across another member and we started talking. We arranged a meeting to exchange views on issues we are both struggling with. Furthermore, INK Strategy hosted drinks to get a chance to meet everyone from our floor. B. facilitates a place to bring startups together, now we are trying to make good use of it.’

What’s your advice for other entrepreneurs who start their business?

‘When I look back at starting my business, it took many bold steps to get to where I am today. My advice would be: set a goal, even if it’s just a spot on the horizon. Also: be persistent when trying to achieve your goal. The combination of these two, a vision and patience, is what makes your company into a success.’