twentiefour // documentaries: Fix the World and Make Money

Documentary series: Fix the World and Make Money

In our cinema The George we will show, together with twentiefour, three documentaries of the Fix the World and Make Money series. Every part of the series will be introduced by filmmaker Erik Loots himself.

Fix the World and Make Money is a documentary series about entrepreneurs building their business while tackling global challenges such as poverty, inequality and plastic pollution.

About twentiefour

“At TwentieFour we believe you can fix the world and still make a living. To us, advertising is a tool to sway consumer behavior in the right direction. That’s why we work with clients all around the world who build their business around a social or environmental mission. With our team of experienced filmmakers, photographers, copywriters and designers, we make authentic, effective work to grow your business and your impact.”


Documentary 1: Fix the World and Make Money: Is feminist porn hot?
Time: 15.00 – 15.30
Documentary 2: Fix the World and Make Money: Soap for World Peace.
Time: 16.00 – 16.30
Documentary 3: Fix the World and Make Money: Code your way to a better future.
Room: the George
Sort: Documentary

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