During this challenging time, connecting is more important than ever. We can’t physically get together with our friends, family or team to network, to learn or to inspire. That is why B. Amsterdam is able to organize events with you but in a digital and safe way. Looking for an energizer to spice up your workday or a competitive team building activity to end the week with? We’ve got you covered. In collaboration with UP Events, we present a virtual team building activity: Project Arrow.

This game can be played from 10 to 5000 persons simultaneously, using own devices. In teams of 4-6 people, in which the players are digitally connected, you compete with each other in the Project Arrow game app. Players are presented with a variety of group assignments varying from issues, puzzles, riddles, and brain teasers to earn points and clues for their team. Utilize each other’s qualities, score as many points as possible and you will be the winning team. Coach your team to victory!  Connection and collaboration are central during this remote game.

The duration of Project Arrow is 75 minutes and the cost is €19,95 per player. The perfect activity during your virtual ‘VrijMiBo’. Ready, set, go!

If you are interested, please get in touch with the Events department of B. Amsterdam, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. You can reach us via +31 20 26 12 519 or events.ams@b-buildingbusiness.com.


The world is in a crisis of unprecedented magnitude. It is up to the world leaders to resolve this quickly. However, the past has taught us that our world leaders do not get along with each other at all. To ensure that the world does not end, a specialist team has developed an online tool called “Project Arrow”. This allows the world leaders to discover each other’s qualities in an efficient and professional manner and deploy them in a race against time. With the right cooperation, the biggest problems can be solved!

What the game is all about:

  • Brain teasers and puzzles
  • Music assignments
  • Augmented photo & video tasks
  • Fun team assignments
  • Virtual award ceremony
  • Teams of 4 or 5 participants
  • Suitable from small to very large groups
  •  Number of participants: 8 – 5000
  •  Duration: 75 minutes (+15 intro +15 results)