Let’s Startup 2019 // what if Steve Jobs owned a veggie store

“What if Steve Jobs owned a veggie store?”

Laurens and Robert from Wayfinders will host a workshop at Let’s Startup 2019 #LS2019. “The workshop teaches you the importance of making your core identity extremely concrete.”

11th of January
15.00 and 17.00
B.1 // room tbc

Is your scale-up ready for serious growth? At Let’s Startup 2019, find out how Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe and Steve Jobs can help you grow your business.

B. members Laurens Bosman and Robert Storm have participated in several editions of Let’s Startup: “We want to contribute to the B. climate, show what we can do and meet other members.”

Who are you?

“Wayfinders offers an accelerator program to make your company culture adaptive to growth. Growth is great, but if not managed right, it will eat your company alive. Many startups get so busy scaling up that they forget about keeping their tribes aligned and miss out on important team building opportunities. This will cost you. For instance, a resulting mis-hire costs 50 to 150 percent of an annual salary, according to feedback research firm Effectory. In times of growth, you better make sure your office culture is in check.“

“We help you identify your company’s characteristics. After that, we match it with a historical icon who embodies the same values. This makes your company culture tangible. You can ask yourself, how would Albert Einstein build this website? Would Gustave Eiffel like this candidate and hire her? Your icon helps to find the right employees and customers and keeps them happy.”

What are your plans for Let’s Startup 2019?

“In our workshop, you’ll make a business case for a greengrocer according to the characteristics of three different role models: Steve Jobs, Bob Marley and Marilyn Monroe. Which products will you sell? Where will your shop be located?”

“You can work together with a small team of other scale-up professionals, or you can sign up with your own colleagues and make it a team building challenge. At the end, the groups will present their business plans, and you’ll see the impact an iconic role model will have on topics like team alignment, focus, direction and decision making.”

What’s in it for visitors?

“The workshop teaches you the importance of making your core identity extremely concrete so that everyone in your team is enabled to work together from the same perspective.”

“Working together on a common challenge is also a great opportunity to connect with other scale-ups. You can benefit from the experiences of other B. members and identify potential partnerships.”

“Last but not least, this workshop is great fun. Who wouldn’t want to be Marilyn Monroe, Bob Marley or Steve Jobs for a day?”

Where can I sign up?

The workshop has a limited number of spots available so we can make it really interactive. So reserve a spot as soon as possible: it’s free! Register for Let’s Startup 2019 on Eventbrite and let us know how many colleagues will attend.