You’ve got the questions and we’ve got the answers. If it’s not in here, please feel free to contact us through amsterdam@b-buildingbusiness.com or call us on 020-2612517.


// what is B. // what is the reason behind B.?

The mission of B. Amsterdam is “to help our members and partners to let them innovate, grow and flourish their business”. More about our locations in Amsterdam? You can find the details over here.

// by whom is B. founded?

The founders of B. are Ricardo van Loenen, Guus Meulendijks and Bas van Veggel.

// what is a B. member?

A B. member is a company/person that is part of our B. community. They contribute to our startup ecosystem by offline activities/interactions/connections. Besides connecting offline, we also have our online community platform. Here you can connect with B. members all over the world. Read more about the community here.

// how to become a B. member?

By renting a desk or an office space you automatically become a part of our B. community. The B. community consists of industry leaders and innovative entrepreneurs. Connect with other members through our online community; ask questions, share stories, announce product launches and other good news, invite others to events, promote your job listings, or simply find someone to grab a beer with. It’s a great way to start meaningful relationships with creative entrepreneurs and business leaders.

// where is B. located?

B.1 // Johan Huizingalaan 763a, 1066 VH Amsterdam

B.2 // John M. Keynesplein 12-46, 1066 EP Amsterdam

B.3 // Johan Huizingalaan 400, 1066 JS Amsterdam

// what are your opening hours?

Members can enter the building from 06.00 – 22.00h with their authorized app.
Our front desk teams will be present at the following hours:

B.1 // 08.00 – 22.00h

B.2 // 08.00 – 18.00h

B.3 // 08.00 – 22.00h

// how can I get to B. Amsterdam?

B. is easily accessible by car and public transportation. You can find the best ways to get to B. by public transport here.

// where can I park?

At our B. 1 location, we have a parking deck with 1000 parking spaces. Here you can follow the B. parking signs. This parking deck is available for both B. members and (their) visitors. The B.2 location provides a parking garage for B. members. For visitors, there are limited parking spots available. More info about parking at B.2 can be found here.

We also provide parking space for electric cars, (motor) biking and disabled parking.

// parking information 

It’s €2,- an hour. Our parking system on our parking deck at B. 1 works with license plate registration and scans your plate upon entrance and exit. At the parking machine, you can pay with your debit or credit card.

Our members have the option to buy exit vouchers for €10,- (inc. VAT) via here. Also, it is possible for our members to get a monthly parking subscription for €137,50,- (excl. VAT). For more information and the terms and conditions, please contact service.ams@b-buildingbusiness.com.

// how can I stay up to date on the B. Amsterdam developments?

We’re always in perpetual beta, which means there is always something happening in and around B.! Stay updated with us online through our Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and our Blog. Hopping by one of our locations is certainly appreciated! Or become a member and stay tuned throughout our community platform and newsletters.

// how can I get in touch?

We’d love to hear from you! You can fill in this form and specify your interests below. It’s also possible to contact us at 020-261 25 17.

// I would like to experience B. with a group or meeting from my office/company/business club…

A perfect option to experience more B. would be renting an event- or meeting space for (half) a day. A perfect add-on would be a tour. Let a member of Team B. take you on a tour to explore all the secret gems that you wouldn’t catch on a first glimpse. Learn all about B.’s startup approach. We’ll guarantee you’ll leave the building inspired, by our goals, our projects and – most of all – our members. More info here Feel free to contact our events team via this form or give them a call on +31 20 2612 519

// how do I get in contact with B. gym?

You can find more info about memberships, programs & schedule here.

// I would like to know more about your startup school..

Learn more about the BSSA here or immediately get in touch through this form.

// is there WIFI available?

Yes there is. You and your guests can make use of our ‘B. our guest’ network free of charge. For events, we also provide an add-on for your own personalized hotspot.

work space.

// I am interested in renting at B. Amsterdam. What should I do?

Hopping by one of our locations is certainly appreciated! However, in order to build a great community in B. Amsterdam, we book a tour to get to know anyone interested in renting at one of the B. buildings. Through this contact form you can request a tour. A tour scheduled in advance ensures our availability and helps our team focus on helping you choose the right workspace.

// what sort of memberships do you have?

We bring entrepreneurship within everyone’s reach, that results in two types of memberships:

1// a (flex)desk in one of our or cowork spaces
2// or (customized) office spaces.

 // what does an (flex)desk membership includes/costs?

Click on your favorite membership to see what this membership includes and what are de add-on options.

<Flexdesk 5 days a month // from €75,- >

<Flexdesk 12 days a month // from €125,- >

<Flexdesk fulltime // from €175,- >

<Fixed desk // from €225,- >

<4 desks startup deal // from €750,- >

// what does an office space membership include/cost?

Click on your favorite membership to see what this membership includes and what are de add-on options.

< office space 20-25m2 // from €700,- >

< office space 40m2 // upon request >

< office space 50m2 // upon request >

< office space 70m2 // upon request >

< office space 75m2 // upon request >

< office space 150m2 // upon request >

< office space customized // upon request >

// can everyone become a B. office or deskmember?

To ensure the value of the community (and manage availability) we work with a selection process after you apply for an office or a desk.

// do all memberships start on the first of the month?

All the memberships start on the first of the month. If you do want to start earlier, we are able to arrange something. You will receive an invoice for the period that the month has left.

// what is the period of notice?

Different from 1 month (co-work), 2 months for offices till periods up to 12 months for bigger customized offices.

// am I able to transfer to another B. location?

Yes! If the building of your choice has availability, we will work with you to organize a seamless transfer to the building of your choice.

// how do I cancel my membership

We are sad to see you leave, but you can cancel your B. membership by emailing our rent department via rent.ams@b-buildingbusiness.com

// how do I get access to the online community platform?

You can find all the details about our community & platform here.

events & meetings.

// I am a member and want to book a meeting space for maximum 8 people

you can book your meetingspace at the communityplatform here.

// I am a member and want to book a meeting or event space for more than 8 people

Fill in this form and the events team will come back to you within 24hrs or give us a call at: +31 20 2612 519

// are there possibilities for a small meeting at restaurant bureau?

Yes, we have. Our restaurant also offers the possibility to have a small meeting in one of our containers. This includes seating for 4 to 6 people. The same conditions count as the other meeting units in B., only difference is that consumptions are required. Book this through the platform here.

// what are the prices for a meeting- and/or event space?

You can find the overview of all the spaces and the detailed info about the space and prices here.

Are you a member? You are able to use the and get 20% member discount on space when you are hosting an event at B.

// how do I book one of your event spaces?

For a quote request you can apply here.

// what kind of space suits the best to my event?

Our events team is helping you out with this. Only fill this form in and we will propose the best suitable options for your event.

// what is included in the prices when renting an event space?

We will also provide you with a customized quote. Keep in mind that the rental space is excluding audio-visual materials, food&beverage, staff, cleaning, set up & tearing down and other add-ons that you wish.

// can I book an event space in the weekend?

Yes, you can. For events, we open our spaces also in the weekend. Be aware of the fact that we have to charge extra staff, due to the fact that we are normally not open.

// are you able to arrange hotels for us?

we are able to cover the full service. So do you need help for example with arranging hotels, security, event application, transport or content/program/speakers? Just let us know.

 // what are your catering options?

B. Food and Beverage handles catering for your event. provides the menu and all options they serve. Also, we are able to host groups at restaurant Bureau and if you prefer a high-end food concept caterer, we are happy to introduce you to our preferred supplier

// am I allowed to bring in my own caterer?

Only on high exception, you are able to bring in your own caterer, under a remittance. We do believe that we have a wide range of options and differentiation by offering the services of B. food & beverage, restaurant Bureau or Oseven.

// do you have a technical support (AV) partner?

We have invested in our own AV materials, we are working together with our in-house partner for this. MotionDezign is able to take care of productions in our building up to 1000 people (the maximum).

// am I allowed to bring in my own technical support partner?

Under a remittance, it is allowed to bring in your own AV partner.

// is there WIFI available?

Yes there is. You and your guests can make use of our ‘B. our guest’ network free of charge. For events, we also provide an add-on for your own personalized hotspot.

// this sounds great. Where can I book a tour to view your event spaces?

You can book a tour by contacting us here or send in a quote request.