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Are you curious about Europe’s largest startup- and innovation ecosystem? Come visit us at B. Amsterdam! Would you like to visit B. as a class visit, does your company team need some inspiration, are you looking for a place to work, or are you simply curious about all that goes on inside the lively buildings of B.? No matter the reason for your visit, we would be happy to show you around! Make sure to fill out the request form below we will get in touch in order to accommodate your visit.

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What to expect?

B. strongly believe that collaboration is key to innovation and that we can accomplish this by thriving together. The formula of our success is based on the original prototype of our ecosystem developed on the second floor of B.1. You will learn about the story how we have grown from one floor to 3 building within just 3 years.

Please complete the request form at least 1 week prior to your intended visit, to make sure that we can facilitate your request.

Pricing for organized tours

There is a maximum of 20 people per group visit. Pricing starts at €300 excluding tax. All tours will last between 45 minutes to an hour with the possibility to add-on a breakdown session, workshops and lunch/dinner in one of our lounges or at our rooftop restaurant Bureau.

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You can completely indulge yourself in the B. vibe by having lunch with the B. community in the lounge of B.1 on the ground floor or go up to the fifth floor and have lunch in our beautiful rooftop restaurant Bureau.

The menu of Bureau changes every 2 months.

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