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For whom is Growth Station?

For all different kinds of entrepreneurs who desire to grow their business. Freelancers, startups and scale-ups: our services are tailored to your needs.

How does it work?

To get access to the services of Growth Station, make sure you book an appointment first. Make an appointment at Growth Station by clicking on the “make an appointment” button. A 15-minute time-slot can be booked on the indicated days.

The goal of the 15-minute appointment is to find out what your specific needs are. The contactperson of the service provider will see how he/she can best service you. Afterwards, a package can be booked directly or more information is provided and a follow-up appointment is booked.

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Services for startup and scale-up companies

The services offered at Growth Station are all tailored to startup- and scale-up companies’ needs. Our service providers speak your language.

Startup-friendly pricing

Pricing of the service packages at Growth Station are all startup-friendly. Because of the partnership Growth Station has with its services providers, together we can offer you the best price.

accessible services.

Growth Station offers a range of services to entrepreneurs that will help them grow their business. The services offered at the Growth Station are specifically developed for startup- and scale-up companies, and offered at a competitive rate.

Services vary from legal, banking, finance, marketing and IT. Growth Station is an initiative of B. Amsterdam. With this initiative, B. acts upon its most known-for proposition: creating the best environment for entrepreneurs to grow their business.